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International Sportsman, a global community of enthusiasts that fosters the creation of more enthusiasts in the firearm, hunting, archery and fishing sports.

International Sportsman is the only global community and media hub for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen like you. Offering everything from daily articles, expert podcasts, niche videos, and international perspectives, our goal is to create an inclusive, global community of sportsmen, support outdoor enthusiasts at all levels, and create new enthusiasts.

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Because we are two guys who love the sportsman lifestyle, and we couldn’t find a site that we related to and that engaged us. So, we set out to create one. We want to create a place for people to easily watch and read diverse content of all levels, from all different parts of the world. We want to be part of an engaged community that works together to create and consume quality content, build the next generation of enthusiasts, and breakdown stereotypes while embracing the diversity within the sportsmen community. Let’s work together to create the content, news, stories, and community that we all deserve.  


Building a Community of Enthusiasts

Do you hunt for hormone-free meat or challenge yourself with a traditional bow, or escape the office for a day on the lake or at the range? There’s something here for you. Jump on to find an answer to your question, read up on industry news, or get inspired by stories from other enthusiasts. Our ever growing hub of knowledge is organized so you can read about what you want, dive deep on any niche passions, ask specific questions, and get answers from others in the community. 


Courtesy of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Courtesy of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Building a Community of Creators

International Sportsman sees the value in every story from every voice. While other industry sites rely on a small circle of writers, we bring in passionate content creators from around the world. We invite our creators to share their unique perspectives across a broad range of sportsmen topics. We work with you to give you a platform to hone your voice and grow your audience. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur at what you love to do, we want to hear from you.