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Aimpoint Unveils Comp M5b Reflex Sight

Comp M5b left side

Aimpoint’s Comp M4 has been around for awhile, so the introduction of the Comp M5b should come as no surprise. What is surprising? How feature-laden new optic is. That, and how much of a departure it is from predecessors. 

Announced shortly before the beginning of SHOT Show 2020 the Comp M5b from Aimpoint looks very similar to existing models. Despite the appearance, it packs several desirable features that military, law enforcement and civilian shooters can appreciate.

Caliber-Specific Reflex Sight

For starters, the new Comp M5b features unique elevation turrets. These allow the shooter to adjust the range setting for a given cartridge with a quick turn of a knob. These are calibrated to common calibers like 5.56mm and 7.62x51mm – so shooters can identify a target at a distance, estimate the range, and dial it in on their Comp M5b and engage with confidence. 

The turrets themselves are secured by a simple allen screw. So swapping them out is as simple as inserting an allen key, turning said screw loose and swapping it out. 

Comp M5b turret
The AimPoint Comp M5b features spring-loaded turrets that are calibrated for set ranges.

Also, the new Comp M5b is compatible with all magnifiers meant for previous models, and includes a quick detach mounting system that effortlessly clamps on to a Picatinny rail without the use of tools. The entire setup is pretty ingenious, and something that most shooters wouldn’t have necessarily asked for, but certainly appreciate.

More than that, this makes the new optic a defacto range-finding medium distance optic. At least, when paired with a magnifier. Thankfully the new M5b is designed to function with all existing AimPoint compatible magnifiers.

AimPoint Comp M5b Caps
AimPoint's Comp M5b runs on a single AA battery for 50,000 hours.

Additionally, the Comp M5b still includes the same incredible longevity of previous AimPoint optics. It also features the same excellent warranty. The only thing most shooters will likely dislike about the new optic is the price tag: an estimated retail price of $931. Yikes. So while not cheap, nothing made by AimPoint is known for being anything except dependable and top notch. For more information, including availability and technical details, visit  

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