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Aqua-Vu Fish Finder Underwater Camera

Aqua-Vu underwater fish finder cameras are a different way to locate and identify fish vs a sonar unit.

The Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro can be mounted in the bow of the boat to confirm the presence of bass in brush piles, submerged grass, and other heavy cover. The camera optics can also be mounted to the terminal end of a push-pole via a special XD Pole Cam accessory, to view even more areas. 

Underwater Camera Tech

Internally weighted and equipped with a cable positioning fin/slot; the Aqua-Vu XD camera can face four different angles based on cable placement. The camera can be angled to face 45-degrees upward, sideways (horizontal), 45-degrees downward or completely vertical (down-view). The XD Camera housing also features an array of adjustable infrared (IR) lights for low light viewing enhancement.

Specialized firmware on the 1080p camera system automatically filters light and adjusts to varying underwater conditions. Adding to the visibility is the specialized optirx lens that helps sharpen the underwater image.

Aqua-Vu system monitors feature extremely bright backlighting and high screen resolutions. Screen brightness in “nits,” a measurement of the amount of light the screen sends to your eyes. The LCD on the Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro, for example, projects an image at 2200 Nits. By comparison, laptop computers project at 250 to 300 Nits.


Aqua-Vu Camera Uses

Specifically designed for underwater use the Aqua-Vu XD Camera housing also features a quick attach system that allows it to work with several XD accessories. Accessories include a trolling fin with a live strike system that allows you to watch trolled or drifted lures and fish following and biting on the Aqua-Vu monitor. There’s also an auxiliary trolling weight that sinks the camera to greater depths. It also keeps the camera stable when trolling or drifting at higher speeds. The XD Pole adapter connects an XD Camera to the end of the Aqua-Vu Telescopic Viewing Pole or any telescopic painters pole. Inspired by bass and crappie tournament anglers, pole cam viewing helps anglers find big fish living in heavy cover. The identification of these fish is not possible with sonar alone. 

“The pole cam is a really cool device for peeking below boat docks, around bridge pilings or to see beneath matted vegetation,” says DeFoe. “The XD attachment slides right on to the camera and snaps in place, so I can immediately switch between traditional underwater viewing with the XD Trolling Fin and the pole cam. The pole also lets me examine bass on deeper beds. I can control the angle and direction of the lens at all times.”

Aqua-Vu offers several units at various price points for any budget. This fish finder camera provides unique way to locate fish and capture video.

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