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Attention: Virginia Airgun Hunters

ASA Airgun Sporting Association

The Airgun Sporting Association needs your help

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries currently allows airguns (.35 caliber and above) to be used for deer hunting during the two-week rifle season. The agency is currently proposing regulation changes for their four-week muzzleloader season (which does not include airguns). It is time to let the agency know of your interest in having airguns included in the muzzleloader season. The process for being heard is fairly simple – here is the link to the page to get started – Regulatory Processes.

From here you will need to:

  1. Click on this link Submit Comments
  2. Fill out your information and save.
  3. Press “Click here to indicate you have read and agree to the rules as a condition of posting on this site.”
  4. Click on “4VAC15-90-80 Muzzleloading Gun Hunting.” This is under the Deer section.

From there it will ask you three questions:

Here are some suggestions that you can copy and paste to make it easy.

  1. While I support this regulation change as an improvement in your muzzleloader regulations, I do have a suggested addition for your consideration.
  2. Leave blank
  3. I would like to recommend that the Department consider adding airguns as legal equipment during the muzzleloader deer season. As you know, airguns (.35 caliber and larger) are currently legal for deer hunting. As you likely know, today’s large bore airguns are comparable in range and accuracy to the muzzleloaders of 30 years ago. The addition of airguns as legal equipment would not place a disadvantage on today’s muzzleloader hunters in the field. Further, such a change would allow VA airgun hunters more opportunity to pursue their passion and get outdoors.

You can make the wording your own but remember: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Be polite and respectful in your comments. It is important to emphasize the comparability of airguns to muzzleloaders. It may also be worth mentioning that the current regulations allow “arrowguns” during the muzzleloader season.

The Airgun Sporting Association can make comments on state regulations, but the most effective comments come from home-state hunters. So – MAKE YOURSELF HEARD – THE DEADLINE IS MAY 15.

The mission of the Airgun Sporting Association is to market, promote and serve individuals, companies and corporations involved in the manufacture, importation, wholesale and retail sales and distribution of airguns and related hunting and airgun sport shooting equipment, products, goods, and services.


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