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Apex Gear Attitude Sight

Apex Gear added two additional models to the ATTITUDE series of bow sights. There is now a 3-pin and 7-pin model in addition to the pre-existing 5-pin model.

The 7-pin ATTITUDE features micro-adjustable windage and elevation and comes with a detachable dovetail mount. The detachable mount is designed for hunters and 3D shooters who desire a long sight radius while maintaining the ability to fit in a compact bow case. The 7-pin sight works great for archers that are comfortable pushing their bow to the limits.

The new 3-pin option is the affordable entry into the ATTITUDE sight platform. With micro-adjustable windage and elevation, aircraft-grade aluminum construction, stainless hardware, and many other features. The new 3-pin configuration is ideal for archers who prefer a simple sight picture and hunters who frequent thick woods where shooting ranges are limited and extra pins are not needed.

All ATTITUDE series sights feature a 2-inch aperture that provides a generous sight picture and adjustment range for the PRO•BRITE fiber-optic pins. An included LED sight light offers increased brightness in low light conditions; the light is easily removable for western states that do not allow powered sight systems. ATTITUDE sight is easily reversible for left-handed shooters, and feature a wide range of adjustments for precise tuning.

Key Features: ATTITUDE Series Bow Sight

  • .019″ PRO•BRITE pins (3, 5, & 7 pin configurations)
  • Matte black finish (Camo finish available on some models)
  • Precision-machined aluminum construction
  • Included LED light
  • 2nd & 3rd axis level adjustment
  • 2″ aperture diameter
  • Micro-adjustable windage/elevation or standard adjustment (depending on model)
  • Available detachable bracket (5-pin and 7-pin) models


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