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Azimuth Technologies AZTP-22 Billet 10/22 Receiver

Azimuth Technology AZTP-22 Receiver

While wandering the halls of the NRA Annual Meeting we came across some new components for your next .22 LR build. Azimuth Technology manufacturers high-end custom 10/22 components from bolts to barrels. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of their offerings.

First up the AZTP-22 receiver made from solid 7075 billet aluminum. Dual Internal Bolt Track with milled recoil-spring track allows the bolt to be mated perfectly with bearing surfaces to prevent canting and binding. Also, a feature that you don’t see on all high-end receivers is a cleaning rod guide hole at the rear for allowing chamber-to-muzzle barrel cleaning.

Azimuth Technology AZTP-22 Receiver

There are two versions of the AZTP-22 receiver: Picatinny and Sporter (no Picatinny rail). Both types are Type III Class II black anodized. Additionally, MSRP is the same regardless of which style you choose. $248.89 for a stripped version or $371.56 if you want the bolt and stainless firing pin. Personally, I like the look of the Picatinny rail with the lighting cuts. It adds some visual appeal that is lacking on other aftermarket 10/22 type receivers.

Barrels Galore

If you are going to build an aftermarket 10/22 then you also need a barrel and Azimuth has you covered there as well with over 16 different options. First, you have to decide if you want a .920 Match barrel or a Sport barrel. From there you can choose 416R Stainless Steel or 4150 Chrome Vanadium Steel. Threaded and unthreaded but that is where your choices end on the sporter barrel. On the Match side, you also get to decide if you want it chambered in Bentz or Sport chamber dimensions. FYI Bentz chambers are not for use with CCI Mini-Mags or 60gr bullets. Lastly, there is a fluted option in the Match lineup. 

Azimuth Technology 920 match barrels
Every barrel is button rifled and has an 11° target crown. Finally, each barrel is finished in Azimuths proprietary Hydralap™ process.

Azimuth Technology’s proprietary HydraLap™ bore honing and polishing process employs state-of-the-art equipment – the same equipment used in the aerospace industry – to remove any marks or irregularities caused during the rifling process to produce a mirror-like finish inside the barrel and chamber. Our barrels are then turned to an outside diameter concentricity within +/- .002". This measured concentricity dampens vibration and provides near perfect harmonics… an important element in match-grade accuracy. The HydraLap™ process, being mechanical, removes any possibility of human inconsistency that can happen with hand-lapping. A Hydralapped barrel will give you the advantage in accuracy.


Last but not least are the bolt assemblies. Milled from 17-4 Stainless Steel, heat-treated and then finished with a high hardness, low coefficient of friction coating. Basically, they will last a really long time and are super smooth. Also, a nice feature is the top of the bolt has an oil port for the firing pin. You have a choice of titanium or stainless-steel firing pin but every bolt includes a stainless steel extractor. MSRP of $124 or $135 depending on the firing pin you choose. The AZTP-22 bolts will also work in factory 10/22 rifles.

If the thought of assembling your own parts isn’t something you want to tackle then fret not because you can also get matched barreled receivers from Azimuth. As you noticed there were a lot of options on the above parts so the combinations with the complete receiver groups are pretty exhaustive with 32 different options depending on what your fancy is the MSRP varies from $467.56 to $657.78 

Azimuth matched barreled action
Azimuth matched barreled action

Final Thoughts

Of course, you could just buy a stock rifle from Ruger and be done or you could build a custom gun to be the envy of everyone at the range. If the prices for the Azimuth have you considering the former keep in mind that the closest rifle that Ruger has spec-wise is the 10/22 Target Lite with an MSRP of $649. But that still doesn’t get you a billet receiver with a Picatinny rail. The 10/22 platform is one of the most popular rifles out there. Part of that comes from the ability to customize it to fit your needs or desires.
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