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Bow Spider: Safely Pack & Carry Your Bow Afield

One of the big hassles of hunting with a compound bow is figuring out how to securely and safely pack and carry it afield, yet keep it handy enough that you can immediately spring into action should an unforeseen opportunity arise. 

Bow Spider Carry System

The Bow Spider was developed by David Merrill to address the issue of carrying a bow on a pack while having the ability to access it quickly. In 2015, during a back-country hunt, a once in a lifetime elk appeared but was gone before Merrill could get his bow unstrapped. Thus, the concept of a hiking pack that created quick access to a bow was born. 

The Bow Spider is an easy-to-use system that consists of two main parts: a round disk receiver with a slot in the top and an aluminum arm that attaches to the riser on a bow. The arm slides into the slot on the receiver and uses gravity to keep it in place. The bow is held in place but comes out easily if pulled from the top. 

The Bow Spider receivers can be mounted in a variety of ways, for example, on the back of the pack or the hip belt. 

To get an idea of how the system works watch the video below. 

Bow Spider-Bow Packing System
Bow Spider-Bow Packing System


Several ways that the Bow Spider can be used include, but are not limited to:

* Mount on Your Hip: Use the straps provided to mount the Bow Spider to your side using a belt or on your pack frame belt. Or, you can attach it to your pack frame waistband. Both of these options provide for easy access while hiking or exploring for game as well as during professional archery shooting competitions.

* Mount in Your Tree Stand: Use the Bow Spider to secure your bow when hunting from a tree stand for quick, quiet access. Carry it up securely on your back and cinch to the tree. This eliminates the need for a rope to pull your bow up after you are already in the tree stand. Once in the tree stand, utilize the provided strap to attach the Bow Spider to the tree for quick access.

* Use on Your Pack: You can choose either to temporarily or permanently mount Bow Spider to your pack. By using the provided straps, it can be installed temporarily. For a permanent or semi-permanent mount, you can use the supplied bolts.

Carrying your bow on a pack with the Bow Spider
Carrying your bow on a pack with the Bow Spider

* Safe Storage for Home or Travel: Use the provided strap to affix the Bow Spider to your seat while driving. You can also screw the Bow Spider to the wall for long-term storage in your home.

Transporting your bow in a vehicle with the Bow Spider
Transporting your bow in a vehicle with the Bow Spider

Key Features: Bow Spider Bow Packing System

  • Fits any bow.
  • Affixes to pack, hip belt, tree, wall, or car.
  • Includes: Receiver, 2 Load Lifter Straps, 1 Waist/Tree Belt, 4 Corner Screws, 1 Anodized Aluminum Post, 1 Long Mounting Screw, and 4 Long Corner Screws.
  • Available in Black, Green, and Tan.
  • Additional receivers sold separately.
  • MSRP: $84.95
Bow Spider-Bow Packing System
Bow Spider-Bow Packing System
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