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CZ 805 Bren Carbine S1

This time we are working on expanding my horizons away from the AR platform and we are going to look at the CZ 805 Bren. The Bren is a very interesting rifle that has some field time with several military and Law Enforcement units which gives it a viable alternative to the AR15. I have about 400 rounds through this and my initials impressions have been positive. However, as with every weapon, there are some concerns and we will go over both the pros and the cons by the end of the video.

So, where did the Bren come from? Developed in 2006 the CZ BREN 805 was designed to replace the aging VZ 58 in the Czech Republic’s arsenal. A number of military/police units have adopted the Bren including Egypt, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Mexico, Slovakia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India. Surprising enough, the French GIGN ordered 68 CZ BREN 2s chambered in 7.62 x 39mm to replace most of its HK416. What really astounded me since the HK 416 is a pretty awesome rifle. So, it has some field experience which helps with its validity as a proven rifle.

The CZ 805 BREN is a gas-operated, short-stroke piston system that utilizes a manual gas regulator that allows you to increase or decrease gas levels as you so choose. The BREN also includes an integral, full-length Picatinny rail on top of the receiver ready to equip the optic of your choice. The fire control unit includes an ambidextrous safety/fire selector switch as well as the charging handle can be installed on either side of the weapon, depending on user preferences. The rifle barrel is a cold hammer-forged chrome lined 16.2”, 1:7 twist and has a ½” x 28 thread pitch. The overall length is 39” and has an unloaded weight of ~8.5 lbs.

Things I have really liked about the CZ 805 Bren

  1. For a stock trigger, the Bren has an awesome trigger! It’ll have little take-up, a hard wall, crisp break, and an excellent reset.
  2. The ergonomics are very comfortable and make the Bren a pleasure to shoot.
  3. The bolt carrier group moves extremely smooth which really aids in the shooting experience
  4. The short stroke piston system not only keeps gases forward from the shooter but also, in my opinion, reduces the felt recoil at the shooter’s shoulder. The Bren also has 2 gas settings that allow you to choose between “standard” or “adverse” operation. If you are using weak ammo or running a suppressor then this is extremely helpful. In addition, the piston system again will keep gas out of the shooter’s face.
  5. The ambidextrous controls will allow anyone to set this up specifically to their own preferences.

Needless to say, that is a lot of features for any rifle!!!

Now let’s talk about the things that I did not like about the Bren

  1. The weight. The Bren weighs about 1 full pound more than a Colt 6920 or a SCAR-16. If this is going to be a rifle you carry with you for prolong periods of time, this rifle may become a little uncomfortable to deal with.
  2. I am running my MRO further forward than I normally would on an AR due to the placement of the charging handle. You can catch your hand on an optics mount while you are racking the Bren.
  3. The muzzle breaks extremely effective; however, it seems to make the rifle run extremely loud.
  4. There is no bolt release on the Bren. If you are used to the manual of arms on an AR-15 then you will need to train to develop proficiency with the Bren.
  5. Finally, …the cost. If you are an AR guy then considering the Bren may be a hard pill to swallow. You will find this on various websites for between $1600 to $1800.

So, why would you buy the Bren? Well, if you are interested in a SCAR-16 then the Bren is more of a budget option for you. In my opinion, the SCAR build quality, fit, and finish are better than the Bren. However, if you ARE an AR guy then this may be an option that you could live without. For about $400 less than the cost of a Bren you can buy a Colt 6920. Or spend $200 less and get a BCM Recce 16 then use the remaining funds to buy ammo or training. With that being said, would I recommend the Bren? YES! If I were looking for something other than an AR then this would be it! I believe the CZ edges the SCAR on quality and price and you will not regret it!

That about covers for this edition and I want to thank everyone that has been swinging by, my patrons and finally Drew for donating the Bren to the channel…you rock! As always, here comes a high five…” freedom through strength!” Bye y’all!

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