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CZ P10C Suppressor Ready Review

With an expected uptick in silencer videos, I was on the hunt for another 9mm suppressor host to make testing and comparing various cans easier and comparing three different 9mm cans? Running them back to back to back in a single clip without cuts or edits can be a massive benefit for those watching. Don’t worry; we’d still run them all on the same host as well but being able to bounce from one to another for certain things is helpful.

I also thought that having a dedicated silencer host for my bedside quick access safe would be nice too.

Enter the P10C with Threaded Barrel- for $419 (plus $9.95 shipping) for an alleged ready to go, out of the box, suppressor host with suppressor height night sights, and I was all in out of the gate.

My hopes were diminished on round one, and by the end of mag three, I was wondering if it would even cycle more than one round properly, let alone a full magazine.

By mag fire, the gun started cycling better and entering day two I was hoping it was just an ugly break-in period and the worst was behind us.

Be it lack of proper final machining or only poor QC; there is no excuse in 2019 for a firearm to require a “break-in period.” Ever.

Over the next six months, reliability unsuppressed improved dramatically; at this point, the gun is probably pushing 95%+ reliability… which is still unacceptable, even for a $420 gun.

Suppressed it’s still a hot mess, and only the hottest loads will cycle properly.

With 6+ months of use, having used at least six different manufacturers of factory new ammo in everything from 115, 123 and 147gr as well as super and subsonic loads, it’s going back.

I wanted to make sure we did our full due diligence before sending it back. We’ve started the warranty process, and we will let you know how it turns out in future postings and videos.

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