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Escort Introduces Slugger Budget-Priced Pump Shotguns For Home Defense, Hunting

The newly introduced Escort Slugger pump shotgun models demonstrate that you don’t need to spend a fortune on home defense or big game hunting.

These 12-gauge shotguns are certainly priced for the budget-conscious. The standard model carries a suggested retail price of $209.99. The Tact model, dressed up with fancier stock, has a suggested retail price of $219.99.

Two Escort Slugger Models Available

These Escort Slugger pump shotguns a lightweight alloy receivers. They have handy 18-inch smooth-bore barrels with a fixed cylinder-bore choke suitable for firing slugs and shot loads.

They feature three-inch chambers, allowing for 2 ¾-inch and 3-inch magnum shells to be fired. The bores are hard-chromed for corrosion resistance.

These shotguns have a capacity of 5+1. Each model has a large, sturdy fixed blade front sight that’s highly visible in low light without being delicate as some fiber optic sights tend to be.

The metal has a durable matte black finish. The stocks are maintenance-free black synthetic with sling swivel studs and soft rubber recoil pads to absorb recoil. The extended forend/slide is textured and contoured for a sure-handed grip.

The Escort Slugger shotguns feature an alloy receiver and matte black finish.

Basic Escort Slugger Has Sporting Stock

The basic model of the Escort Slugger pump shotgun features a conventional sporting stock. This is the model to choose if your shotgun needs to assume multiple roles of home defense and hunting with both slugs and shot.

The basic Escort Slugger has a sporting stock .

This type of stock is better for swinging on running or flying game. While the cylinder-bore choke will not make this shotgun the choice of duck hunters, it might be used effectively on upland game in dense cover.

Most who hunt big game with a shotgun these days use a rifled barrel to fire expensive sabot slugs for longer range and better accuracy. The smooth bore on this shotgun is suitable for firing inexpensive rifled slugs for hunting such game as deer and boar out to 100 yards.

I hunted deer for years in a shotgun-only region. I killed my first deer and many more after with a smooth-bore shotgun.

Tact Model Features Enhanced Stock

The Tact model in the Escort Slugger pump shotgun line features a full soft rubber pistol grip with contoured finger grooves and an additional sling mounting point.

The butt stock has an improved cheek weld too. And the stock has on-board ammo carrier slots to hold five shells to give you fast reload capability.

The Tact model also has a Picatinny rail on the fore-end should opt to accessorize the Slugger with a weapon light or laser.

The Escort Slugger Tact model features a tactical stock with shell holder and full pistol grip.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Pump Shotgun

As long as you don’t baby the action, it’s hard to go wrong with a pump shotgun for all-around versatility. And these Escort Slugger pump shotguns can provide a means to home defense and a way to put food on the table for people who might not ordinarily be able to afford it.

Escort shotguns are distributed in the U.S. exclusively by HatsanUSA of Bentonville, Arkansas. The company is part of Hatsan Firearms of Turkey, a manufacturer of firearms and air guns. The shotguns carry a five-year limited warranty.

For more information on the Escort Slugger shotguns, go to EscortShotgunsUSA.com.

The new Escort Slugger shotguns are affordable guns that should provide long service.

Key Features: Escort Slugger Shotguns

Type: 12 gauge, 3-inch chamber pump-action shotgun

Barrel: 18-inch smooth-bore, with fixed cylinder-bore choke for shot or slugs

Receiver: Alloy receiver with tough black finish

Stock: Polymer synthetic stock and forend for strength and durability; long, ergonomic forend; soft rubber butt pad absorbs recoil

Safety: Manual cross-button trigger safety

Capacity: 5+1

Overall Length: 38 inches

Weight: 6.4 pounds (Slugger); 6.5 pounds (Slugger Tact)

Other: Mounted sling studs; Tact model features 5-shell holder in buttstock, soft ergonomic pistol grip, additional sling stud and accessory rail

MSRP: $209.99 (Slugger); $219.99 (Slugger Tact)

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