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First-Ever Bluetooth Fishing Rod!

Abu Garcia has created the first Bluetooth fishing rod! If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, why? Well, it turns out it’s actually quite practical as it helps you easily track key data points while fishing.

The “Abu Garcia Virtual” is a new fishing rod with Bluetooth technology that integrates with the ANGLR app on your mobile device. The app is really what drives the purpose of this new high tech rod. It allows anglers to log their trips and capture several practical points of data with a simple push of a button on the rod. Before the introduction of the Virtual rod, anglers could use a product called Bullseye, a small Bluetooth enabled clicker that interfaces with the ANGLR app.  The video below demonstrates the features of the Bullseye fishing tracker.

Bluetooth Fishing Tracker

The Virtual Rod now has all the same functions of the Bullseye. By clicking the bottom of the rod you can record your catches, drop way-points or indicate when you change tackle. When you record a catch, it also inputs the location, weather, and water data. What’s practical about the Virtual rod is, with the built-in capabilities of the Bullseye, it’s one less piece of gear to keep up with. With how forgetful I can be, that’s great for me.  Additionally, since you have the rod in your hand, it is much quicker and easier to tap the button on the rod than to remember where a small clicker is. Here’s a list of the data collected at the click of a button.

Abu Garcia Virtual Rod with ANGLR
Abu Garcia Virtual Rod with ANGLR
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Cloud coverage
  • Gage
  • Flow
  • Time
  • GPS location

Abu Garcia Virtual Rod

The Virtual rod connects to the free ANGLR app on iPhone and Android devices. Along with allowing anglers to record catches complete with automated weather, water and location details, it also enables the phone’s camera to add a photo. All fishing data is kept 100 percent private. The rod does not require charging and delivers a 2-year battery life. It works regardless of cell service which is great for off-the-grid fishing.

“As connected technology continues to advance in fishing, we have been working on the ability to integrate electronics into our rods. We are proud to partner with companies like ANGLR as we continue to innovate and bring new creative solutions, like the Virtual rod, to our consumers.”

Vice President of Marketing for Abu Garcia, Jon Schlosser

The Virtual rod series consists of ten total conventional and spinning rods ranging from 6-foot, 6-inch Medium Fast spinning to 7-foot, 6-inch Heavy Fast conventional to cover most bass angling techniques. All are built with 30-ton graphite for a lightweight balanced design, IntraCarbon™ technology, providing a lightweight barrier to improve durability without adding weight, and stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts.

The rods retail for $129.95 and are expected to be available in Spring 2020. 

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