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FLIR Confirms Closing Civilian/Hunting Portion of Company


A few days ago, International Sportsman broke the story of FLIR allegedly ceasing all civilian sales of thermal gun sights. Earlier today, International Sportsman reporters interviewed FLIR Systems Media Relations contact, Heider Lazzarini, and asked if the rumors were true.

Lazzarini agreed to respond to rumors on the condition that the interview not be filmed. He confirmed that all civilian sales are to be halted immediately and that hunting and civilian departments of FLIR were closing their doors.

When asked for the reason behind the closure, Lazzarini replied, “It was a strategic positioning of the company.” On whether or not FLIR would consider opening a sister company to handle civilian sales he stated, “Absolutely not.” 

International Sportsman also addressed rumors that FLIR’s move was part of a larger government crackdown in the US on civilian arms ownership and ties to Virginia. Lazzarini stated, “We had no idea of any potential arrests or the political situation in Virginia. 

When asked how this affected current owners, as well as vendors stocking the units, he replied that all warranties would continue to be honored, and that existing stock would be unaffected. Still, this news comes at a time where other thermal optics companies are growing in popularity and dominating the civilian and hunting market. 

FLIR further confirmed the rumor with a post on their main website earlier today. – “FLIR is discontinuing certain Outdoor product lines.”

It appears that Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 is officially the day that FLIR’s hunting optics division dies. A historical, if somber moment for thermal enthusiasts and hunters everywhere. 

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