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Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster: A Good Way To Carry A Full-Size Handgun

The new Galco vertical shoulder holster, the VHS 4.0, should be a hit with hunters and other outdoorsmen who like to carry a full-size handgun under a jacket.

Based On The Original Vertical Holster System

The original VHS™ (Vertical Holster System) was field-proven across the globe from Afghanistan to America.

Thousands were used by U.S. military personnel fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Countless others are in use by U.S. and international law enforcement, being particularly popular among police helicopter pilots.

The VHS also provides an alternative for those who want the concealment of Galco’s Miami Classic but prefer the traditional vertical carry style.

The Galco VHS 4.0 is designed to carry a handgun and spare ammo comfortably.

Why A Vertical Shoulder Holster?

There are several advantages to a vertical shoulder holster. First, the handgun is positioned safely muzzle down. With a horizontal rig, the muzzle of your handgun is pointing at anyone walking behind you. And when you’re drawing the handgun from a vertical rig, you’re less likely to point the muzzle of the handgun at your arm.

It’s easy to conceal a full-size handgun without the barrel or slide poking noticeably (printing) from under your jacket. A rig such as this Galco vertical shoulder holster could even position a handgun as big as a revolver with a six-inch barrel so that it stays concealed.

Why would you want to carry a handgun that large? Maybe you’re carrying a full-size handgun on a hunting trip and you decide to stop for dinner in town one evening.

Keeping your handgun on your person is much better than locking it in your car.

When it’s adjusted correctly, a shoulder holster can be a comfortable way to carry a handgun.

I found that carrying a handgun in a vertical shoulder holster was the best way for me when I was out on my motorcycle. Sitting on the bike with a short jacket, the end of a belt holster would have been visible.

A vertical shoulder holster allows you to carry a fulls-size handgun concealed under a jacket.

Galco VHS 4.0 Vertical Shoulder Holster

After over a decade of experience with the VHS, Galco has continued to refine, update and improve it. The VHS 4.0™ features recontoured shoulder straps for comfort and concealment. This latest version replaces the earlier Chicago screws with a key-hole harness fastener attachment. This gives you better security, ease of assembly, and greatly reduced chance of fastener loss. The VHS 4.0 adds an innovative new tie-down system. Revolver fits also include a new spare ammo carrier.

A key component of all Galco shoulder systems, including the VHS 4.0, is the harness. It uses a four-point harness that pivots independently. Connecting that harness is Galco’s clover-shaped, trademarked Flexalon™ swivel back plate. 

The holster also features Galco’s patented swivel connectors. This results in a perfect fit and lasting comfort for virtually all body sizes and shapes.

The VHS 4.0 comes complete with vertical holster, harness, ammo carrier, tie-downs and a set of harness fasteners.

Models for autos include a vertical double magazine carrier. Units for revolvers come with a horizontal double speedloader carrier.

The system is fully modular, so optional interchangeable accessories and components may be purchased separately to create a unique shoulder system all your own.

Holster models for revolvers will include dual speedloader pouches.

A Holster For Wherever Adventure Takes You

Whether you patrol the perilous sands of the Middle East, metropolitan America on the ground or from the air, exercise your Second Amendment right to bear arms, or stalk the hunting fields of the world, the VHS 4.0 will help you and your handgun stay secure in an often-dangerous world.

Made for semi-automatic pistols and double-action revolvers, the VHS 4.0 is ambidextrous and available with either a tan or a black finish.

The MSRP of the VHS 4.0 is $259. For more information on this Galco vertical shoulder holster, go to

Galco’s clover-shaped Flexalon™ swivel back plate. connects the harness straps at the back.
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