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Gamefish Hunting Gets Fresh Blood: Lunkerhunt Introduces Gambit Swimbait

Lunkerhunt is known for producing innovative, high-quality lures that deliver fish time and time again. The recently released Gambit is no exception; it’s the first pre-rigged hollow body swimbait of its kind in the industry and is proving to be a tactical master at hunting down and landing lunkers anywhere and any time.

The first thing you’ll notice about Lunkerhunt’s Gambit is its realism in and out of the water. A juicy baitfish are imitating target that is available in a variety of premium finishes. Once in the water, the Gambit’s segmented tail sways side to side on the run, producing an unbelievably realistic swimming action. Reel it in slow to engage the cautious lunkers, or add some speed for a panicked kicking action to trigger opportunistic hunters. When fish inevitably strike the deceptively hollow body, the Gambit finishes the deed by releasing a concealed no-nonsense 5/0 hook for a clean, solid hookset.

The Gambit isn’t just a natural swimmer with a big hook; its unique combination of strength and flexibility makes it one of the most versatile baits on store shelves. This hearty pre-rigged trickster is made with a durable plastic that can stand up to bite after bite, and its weedless design gives anglers an advantage in nearly every fishing condition. Effortlessly hunting both saltwater and freshwater gamefish species, it runs true at high and low speeds, or when crawled along the bottom. The Gambit is also a master in heavy cover or rocky areas and can be worked among rocks and reeds with ease to bring out the big fish in any body of water.

Key Features: Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait

·Pre-rigged and ready to fish 
·Natural swimming action at different retrieve speeds
·Weedless hollow body design
·Great for both freshwater/saltwater gamefish species
·Length: 4 1/2 in.
·Weight: 5/8 oz.
·Hook size: 5/0

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