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Griffin Armament 30SD-K GATE-LOK Suppressor

The Griffin Armament 30SD-K is the newest 30 caliber silencer introduced by Griffin which features their GATE-LOK active retention attachment.

The Griffin 30SD-K follows in the footsteps of Griffin’s previous silencers with the GATE-LOK system: the M4SD II, M4SD-K, and the 30SD. The new 30SD-K is designed as a 30 caliber silencer with length and weight specs of a 5.56 silencer. The 30SD-K is only 6.6″ long and 17.8oz in weight. There has been a trend in the silencer industry for smaller and lighter 30 caliber silencers, and Griffin has delivered.

The structure of the 30SD-K is a billet machined chassis (tube body), with integrated muzzle device bearing surfaces. This makes the silencer stronger than traditional tube silencers. That strength translates into a silencer that is engineered specifically for semi- and full-auto applications. 

The chassis is encompassed by a series of flutes surrounded by supporting structures, affording an enhanced strength-to-weight ratio coupled with a 40% increase of surface area for unparalleled cooling.

The 30SD-K features Griffin Armament’s HEDP patented baffle technology that provides high performance with low system back pressure for an optimal balance of sound and blow back. The end of the silencer incorporates a 3-prong flash hider like the other three GATE-LOK silencers. The integrated flash hider helps reduce the flash signature beyond that of a traditional end cap design. 

Griffin Armament GATE-LOK Interface

“I originally developed the GATE-LOK™ interface after encountering shortcomings in other designs that interfaced with NATO-style muzzle devices. The goal was for a simple, robust, active retention mount that didn’t incorporate any wear prone geometry, had minimal POI shift and could be mounted easily with one hand. I believe we have achieved that with the GATE-LOK™ interface. And now with the 30SD-K, Griffin Armament end users have the versatility of a high performance 30 caliber silencer with the size and weight similar to that of a traditional 5.56 can. “

Austin Green, Griffin Armament’s Founder and Lead Engineer

The Griffin GATE-LOK is mounting system one of the fastest on the market and accommodates USGI spec A2 compensators* (in 5.56mm) as well as Griffin’s proprietary muzzle device options. Additionally, the mounting system does not suffer from the wear-prone issues of ratcheting systems common to the marketplace. The muzzle devices are precision ground to ten-thousandths of an inch for minimal, repeatable, and dependable point of impact.

Griffin Armament 30SD muzzle devices
Griffin Armament 30SD muzzle devices

30SD-K Sound Performance

The Griffin Armament 30SD-K delivers some impressive sound performance from a small package. For a silencer that is only slightly longer than a dollar bill, the results speak for themselves: 

127dB with .300 Blackout subsonic
136dB with 5.56 NATO
138dB with 308 Win

Key Features: Griffin Armament 30SD-K Suppressor

  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steelconstruction
  • Hi-Temp Cerakotefinish
  • 5/8×24 GATE-LOK Muzzle Brake included
  • Patented HEDP baffle stack
  • Low profile 3-Prong Flash Hider End Cap
  • Compatible with all M4SD and 30SD mounts
  • $945 MSRP
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