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Griffin Armament Resistance 22 Modular Suppressor

​Griffin Armament announced their newest rimfire silencer the Resistance 22 Modular Rimfire Suppressor. This is the third rimfire silencer that has been introduced from Griffin Armament and looks to be their best yet. 

The new Resistance 22M is a modular silencer that in it’s standard length is 4.75″ and weighs 4.9oz. It is compatible with the Griffin Low-Pro 3-lug kit and the taper mount minimalist blast shield. These accessories are available on Griffin’s website. 

Now for the caliber ratings. The Resistance 22M is rated for all rimfire calibers .17-.22, 5.7FN and will work on .223! There are very few rimfire silencers on the market that can handle .223 and Griffin Armament makes two of them!

"Our customer have come to expect versatility from Griffin Armament products and we aim to please, so the incorporation of user serviceability, a modular mount interface, and our high performance HEDP™ baffle technology was absolutely essential. Consumers demanded an uncompromising rimfire silencer that is all these things: lightweight, versatile, durable, and quiet. We delivered on all those points, AND are offering it at an incredible price.”

Austin Green, Lead Design Engineer Griffin Armament

Griffin Armament Resistance 22M Sound Levels

•113DB SPL on .22lr Pistols
•114DB SPL on .22 Rifles
•129DB SPL on .223 bolt action @ ear

The Resistance 22M is an all aluminum 7075 T6 construction with an anodized finish. It includes the 1/2×28 direct thread adapter and a 3/16″ neoprene rubber wipe. This wipe can be added to the end of the silencer to reduce the sound signature even lower. 

The Griffin Armament Resistance 22M has an MSRP of $395.

Key Features: Resistance 22M

  1. Griffin Armament Lo-Pro 3-lug kit is compatible with the Resistance 22M for a quick attach option.
  2. The Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield can be added to allow you to attach the silencer to Griffin taper mounts.
  3. Anodized Griffin HEDP user serviceable baffle stack.
  1. Griffin Armament Resistance 22M disassembled with include accessories. (wipe not shown)
  2. 1/2×28 direct thread mount and blast baffle.
  3. At 4.75″ long and an OD of 1.375″ the Resistance 22M offers modularity and performance in a lightweight package.
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