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Hatsan’s Escort Tactical Shotguns In AR And Bullpup Form

There’s an advantage if your tactical shotgun that operates the same as your familiar AR-15. Want something even more compact for defensive purposes? How about a shotgun in a bullpup configuration?

Hatsan has introduced a new line of shotguns under the Escort banner. Called their Versatile Tactical Shotguns (VTS), these are semi-auto shotguns with detachable box magazines. They feature familiar controls and features found on modern sporting rifles. That makes transitioning from rifle to shotgun easy, using your established muscle memory.

AR-Style Tactical Shotguns

At the top tier of the new shotgun line is AR-style Escort DF12. It has upper and lower receivers and a vented handguard crafted from light, tough aluminum alloy. This 12-gauge shotgun comes in with either an all-black or FDE Cerakote finish. It’s capable of handling both 2 ¾-inch and 3-inch shells.

The SDX model, also an AR-style shotgun, is an aluminum/synthetic hybrid. It’s available in either 12-gauge or .410. It features a polymer lower receiver with alloy guides inside the magazine well for strength and smooth functioning. Its ThermoDefend forend protects the shooter’s hand from heat during extended shooting sessions.

The Escort SDX shotgun (shown) features a lightweight polymer lower receiver. The DF12 model (lead photo) is aluminum alloy top and bottom.

Bullpup Model Tactical Shotgun

The same reliable gas-operation system that’s used in the Escort AR-style tactical shotguns can be easily configured for use in a compact bullpup design. The BTS bullpup, available in either 12-gauge or .410. It’s a full nine inches shorter. That’s ideal for close quarters use and when getting in and out of vehicles. The BTS12, 12-gauge model is just 28.8 inches long overall. It comes with two five-round magazines. Two-round magazines are available.

The Escort BTS12 shotgun is in bullpup configuaration and is just 28.8 inches long overall.

Innovative In-Line Gas System

These new Escort gas-operated tactical shotguns feature a new gas piston design. It’s more simple and compact than on other semi-auto shotgun systems typically used for hunting. In this new system, the piston floats around the barrel itself. It’s not housed in a secondary tube below the barrel.

This makes for a more efficient design that’s smaller in size and lighter in weight. Because its an in-line gas system, it also helps to reduce muzzle rise. That allows for faster on-target follow-up shots.

The standard models feature a buffer tube that houses the recoil spring that provides a mounting location for the shoulder stock. The shoulder stock on these carbine-style models features  cheek rest adjustable for height. A soft rubber butt pad further absorbs recoil. The modular design allows for commercially available stocks to be fitted to these shotguns.

The new VTS line of Escort shotguns features a simple, compact gas system that moves around the barrel, not under it. It's easy to get to for cleaning.

These VTS Shotguns Feature Easy Takedown

For easy cleaning and maintenance, the VTS series of Escort shotguns feature upper and lower receiver assemblies that can be separated quickly by removing the two takedown pins. The handguard too is easy to remove by unscrewing the barrel cover and sliding it off of the gun. That provides access to the gas operating system.

Rails For Mounting Optics, Accessories

These Escort VTS shotguns feature Picatinny rails both on top of the receiver and on the handguard for mounting your choice of sights, optics and accessories.

The soft rubber pistol grip is ergonomic, but can be removed from the lower receiver and replaced with any readily available modular pistol grip of standard configuration.

The 12-gauge models feature an internally threaded barrel for interchangeable choke tubes.  Each gun ships with a cylinder bore choke brake that can be used with both slugs and shot and helps tame recoil.  Also included are a standard Full and Improved Cylinder chokes, with other options available.

The suggested retail price on these new Escort VTS shotguns starts at $589.99. For more information, go to

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