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Hawke Optics 350 Legend Riflescope

Hawke Optics has introduced a new reticle specifically for the 350 Legend. With the popularity of the 350 Legend growing, it makes sense that optic companies are jumping on board. 

Hawke Optics Endurance WA

The 350 Legend reticle has been added to the Hawke Optics Endurance 30 WA line of rifle scopes. The 350 Legend reticle has been calibrated to allow for precision shots out to 300 yards, all while maintaining the 4-inches of eye relief that Hawke Optics are know for.

The Endurance is adjustable for your specific ammo, and this design provides a 100-yard-zero and multiple aim points out to 300-yards, with 50-yard increments. The scope can also be used with 100m zero for metric aim points. The BDC .350 Legend reticle takes out the work when engaging from different distances. Precise holdover points allow the shooter to quickly make the shot after the range is known. An illuminated center point allows for all lighting conditions.

Built on a 30mm main tube design, the Endurance has a full 24-degree field of view. Hawke Optics says that there is no edge distortion with this broad field of view. The scope has a full four inches of eye relief and is 18-layer multicoated for clarity. The Endurance line is built on a mon-tube chassis, and the scopes are nitrogen purged to be water, shock, and fog proof.

The 350 Legend reticle is available in two sizes, 2.5-10×50 and 3-12×56.

Key Features: Hawke Optics Endurance 30 WA 350 Legend Riflescope

350 LEGEND 3-12×56

  • 56mm Objective Lens
  • 13.7″ Long
  • 22.4 oz
  • Low-Profile 1/4 MOA Turrets
  • 30mm Main Tube
  • 6 Levels of Illumination
  • MSRP $519

350 Legend 2.5-10×50

  • 50mm Objective Lens
  • 13.1″ Long
  • 21.6 oz
  • Low-Profile 1/4 MOA Turrets
  • 30mm Main Tube
  • 6 Levels of Illumination
  • MSRP $499
Hawke 350 Legend Reticle
Hawke 350 Legend Reticle
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