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Henry Unveils Model X Rifles

Henry Model X

Henry Rifles makes incredibly robust, reliable rifles, carbines and shotguns. From their rimfire Goldenboy and Frontier to their Big Boy and Long Ranger, Henry’s product line is mostly complete. But one thing was missing. Suppressor-friendly center fire carbines.

But that all changed this SHOT Show, when Henry Rifles in conjunction with SilencerCo, unveiled the latest addition to their product lineup: the Henry Model X.

Model X Marks The Spot

Though not commonly the first thing that comes to mind when a shooter thinks about suppressors, the lever-action Henry is a very logical choice. For starters, many lever-action rifles are chambered in pistol calibers. When fired from the longer barrels, many of these calibers lose just enough velocity to be extra quiet, yet still effective, from the long gun.

Also, since the action is entirely manual, it always works. Meaning, the cycling of said action is done by the shooter, not by siphoning pressure from a fired round. And since the action doesn’t actuate until manually done by the shooter, it’s even quieter.

Henry X stock
Henry's Model X ships with black synthetic furniture for increased resistance to corrosion, and decreased weight.

X Gonna Give it to Ya!

Don’t worry, I’m basically out of X puns. But the statement still holds true. This new Henry Model X has all the features a survivalist, or suppressor enthusiast could want.

The heavier, more brittle wooden furniture is replace with high impact polymer, and the receiver ships from the factory drilled and tapped for optics. Other features include high visibility fiber optic sights, and of course the star of the show – a threaded barrel. 

Henry X Barrel
The Henry X includes a threaded barrel, and high visibility fiber optic sights.

What’s especially interesting about the new Henry X Rifles is that they include both a side loading gate, and a removable forward-loading tube. So shooters can either quickly top off a magazine, or fill it to capacity from the front in a hurry.

Henry X Gate
The new X models mark the first time a Henry rifle has featured both a threaded barrel and side loading gate.

Very interesting stuff, and an unlikely but certainly cool collabioration between SilencerCo and Henry. The Model X will be available in .357 Magnum, .45LC and .44 Magnum. All models retail for $970. For more information, visit

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