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Hogue/Ritter RSK Mk1-G2 Is One Tough All-Around EDC Knife

The Hogue/Doug Ritter RSK Mk1-G2 knife is one heck of a nice knife. Whether you’re looking for an everyday carry blade or a knife to slip into your pocket during a hunt or a hike, this U.S.-made knife is capable of handling all the cutting chores you can dream up.

That’s no surprise when you consider it was conceived by knife and survival expert Doug Ritter. Yes, it’s the same Doug Ritter who is also on the front lines in the fight for knife rights that benefit us all. The knife is being sold exclusively through KnifeWorks.com.

This Second Generation Is Even Better

The “G2” in the RSK Mk1-G2 designation indicates that this is the second generation of Doug Ritter’s design. The original RSK was produced by Benchmade and was highly regarded. This next-gen model is now being made by Hogue. And I think it’s better than ever.

It starts with Ritter’s 3.4-inch wide-chord, high flat-ground drop point blade. It’s built with Crucible’s CPM 20CV steel, a premium stainless steel known for its wear and corrosion resistance and edge retention.

The RSK Mk1-G2 comes in a soft-sided, zippered case, but you're going to want to keep it in your pocket when not in use.

The blade has a nice, subdued stone-washed finish, which won’t show the scratches as readily after you put this knife to work. In other words, it will stay pretty. If you want something even more discreet, a model is available with a blade finished with black Cerakote.

There is jimping on the liners and on the thumb ramp of the blade. It provides added control without grating on your delicate flesh. Dual thumb studs are well positioned for easy one-handed opening with either hand.

The blade is sandwiched between phosphor bronze washers, simple and smooth. A Torx head pivot screw can be adjusted for those who like a tighter feel when opening the blade.

RSK Mk1-G2 Has Excellent Ergonomics

The handle scales on the RSK Mk1-G2 are CNC-machined G10 composite. The scales on mine are black, but the knife is available with hard-to-lose orange handle scales as well.

These G10 handle scales feature new texturing with both radial and checkering patterns. It provides for a good hold without being abrasive.

The RSK Mk1-G2 has a drop point, stone-washed blade of CPM 20CV steel.

Many More Upgrades

The open back design makes the knife easy to clean and keeps lint from being trapped inside.

The G2 models include an “index bump” on the underside, which essentially forms a finger groove for the index finger.

Another upgrade with the G2 is the open-back design using three steel standoffs or spacers. The open design makes it easier to clean after messy chores. It also prevents lint and other debris from being trapped inside that could absorb moisture and lead to corrosion.


The handle is a bit longer and incorporates a lanyard hole, something I appreciate when I’m canoeing or kayaking.

A stainless steel deep-carry pocket clip — stone-washed to match the blade — is reversible for right- or left-side tip-up carry. The clip is secured with two screws secured in brass inserts (a mark of quality). But a third screw hole is provided should you want to add an after-market three-screw pocket clip.

ABLE Lock Is Secure And Easy To Operate

Ritter’s original RSK featured Benchmade’s well-regarded AXIS lock mechanism. The patent on it expired in 2016, leaving Ritter and Hogue not only to borrow the design, but improve upon it. The result is that the RSK Mk1 G2 features the ABLE — Ambidextrous Bar Lock Enhanced.

The updated lock features a tougher lock bar, improved finish and geometry and rugged Wolff omega springs. Two offset screws secure the liners for added lock strength and greater knife rigidity.

The ABLE lock mechanism is ambidextrous and uses strong Wolff springs.

Favorable Impressions During Use

The RSK Mk1-G2 has a feel of quality. RSK, by the way, stands for Ritter Survival Knife. But it could stand for Really Sharp Knife. The blade was extremely sharp without any fine-tuning from me. There was no blade wobble and the blade locked in with a precise click.

The thumb studs were positioned for easy one-handed opening with either hand. I often carry a knife on my left side because my handgun is on the right. It’s important that I can operate the knife with my non-dominate hand.

The tail end of the handle has a turn-downed contour that conforms very well with the palm of the hand.

Some seem overly concerned with having a knife as thin as possible for comfortable carry. I’d rather have a knife with proper ergonomics for better control and comfort through difficult tasks and prolonged use.

The RSK Mk1-G2 excelled in both control and comfort during my work with it.

The knife features a stainless steel, deep-carry pocket clip.

That little index bump did help me to acquire a quick and repeatable proper grip on the knife. And don’t worry. You won’t have any trouble carrying it either. It’s sized right: big enough to get the job done, small enough to carry without being weighed down and bulging your pockets.

Knife Sales Support Knife Rights Efforts

Doug Ritter has battled for years against ridiculous knife laws. His Knife Rights organization (www.KnifeRights.org) has helped to bring some common sense to the boondoggle of legislation across the country.

His efforts have helped to bring about change with 31 bills repealing knife bans enacted in 22 states, eight anti-knife bills defeated and numerous litigation victories in the past eight years. Ritter’s work is funded primarily by sales of his knives.

The sales also support Ritter’s Equipped To Survive™ website, another worthwhile site to check out (www.Equipped.com) for reviews of outdoor and survival gear.

Doug Ritter, designer of the RSK Mk1-G2, has worked for common sense knife laws for years.

Great For All-Around Use

So what’s the best use for the Hogue/Doug Ritter RSK Mk1-G2? That’s up to you. You could include it with your survival gear or use it on hunting trips. You could use it for extreme-situation defense too. More likely, because of its great utility, you’re apt to task it as an everyday carry blade for cutting chores large and small. For any of those things, this knife would be a good companion.

Key Features: Hogue/Ritter RSK Mk1-G2

Manufacturer: Hogue (www.Hogueinc.com)
Blade Material: Crucible CPM-20CV
Blade Length: 3.44 inches (87 mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.115 inches (2.92 mm)
Hardness: HRC 61-62
Edge: Plain
Finish: Stonewashed / Tumbled
Handle Material: G10 Composite
Closed Length: 4.72 inches (120 mm)
Open Length: 8.15 inches (207 mm)
Weight (with clip): 4.5 ounces (127 g)
Lock: Ambidextrous ABLE™ Lock
Liners: 410 Stainless Steel
Pivot Washers: Phosphor Bronze
Opener: Ambidextrous Dual Thumb Studs
Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel, Deep Carry, Reversible
Fasteners: Torx

MSRP: $159.95

The Hogue/Ritter RSK Mk1-G2 knife features G10 handle scales with radial and checkered texturing.
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