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Hornady New SUB-X Subsonic Bullets for 2020

New for 2020, Hornady has announced the SUB-X bullet is now available for reloaders to load their own subsonic rounds. The SUB-X loaded subsonic ammo has been out for some time, but now you can buy the bullet by itself to load your own.


Subsonic Expansion

The 190 grain 30 caliber SUB-X from Hornady is designed to expand at subsonic velocities as low as 900 FPS. The Flex Tip insert combined with the hollowpoint cavity allows for the expansion at low velocities. 

These bullets were designed for subsonic velocities only. Hornady recommends that it not be loaded faster than 1,100 FPS. Loading it hotter can cause stability issues.

The SUB-X bullets can be used in 300 Blackout or 308. However, they are not recommended for rifles with barrels that have a 1:12 twist rate. Most factory 308 rifles don’t have a 1:12 twist but make sure and check before you load these up. 

If you are looking for a new subsonic hunting bullet this would be a good choice. 

Key Features: Hornady SUB-X

  • Flex Tip technology aids in expansion at velocities as low as 900 fps
  • Meets FBI protocol for terminal ballistic test requirements
  • Lead core bullet with cannelured jacket provides positive case crimp for use in semiautomatics
  • 30 caliber .308″
  • 190 gr
  • B.C. .437 (G1)
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