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Innovative Arms Unveils Scorpion EVO SDK

Innovative Arms EVO SDK

Innovative Arms’ new EVO SDK brings two of the most important aspects of suppressor design together in one package – performance and size. Ask any armed professional, and they’ll tell you that one of the biggest downsides to employing a suppressor is the added weight, and bulk.

Which makes sense. Most firearms aren’t designed from inception to be fired with a sound suppressor attached. So in the case of shoulder-fired rifle caliber weapons, the added length and bulk of a can makes the weapon needlessly front-heavy and awkward to maneuver in confined spaces.

In addition, the fact that suppressors are attached at the furthest point away from the chamber leads to decreased efficacy in terms of sound suppression. So Innovative Arms employed something that HK’s engineers did decades ago, but unlike HK, actually offer it to civiian shooters.

EVO SDK: Compact Integral Suppression

IA EVO SDK Cocking Tube
The new EVO SDK retains the original controls despite the inclusion of a new heat shield handguard.

Like the name implies, integral suppression is when a suppressor is built in to the design. In this case, into a modified CZ Scorpion EVO. For the uninitiated, the EVO is a polymer-framed, direct blow-back firearm chambered in 9mm parabellum. Since standard 115gr 9mm is supersonic, porting the barrel into an integral suppressor is extraordinarily effective as it reduces the velocity to subsonic speeds while reducing the report of the shot as well. 

Less Bang Bang, More Pew Pew

In a nutshell, this equates to hearing-safe whisper quiet shooting even with supersonic 9mm rounds.

This reduction means the EVO SDK doesn’t have the supersonic,”crack” of the round breaking the sound barrier. Meaning, a vastly quieter, more pleasant shooting experience. A few years ago, Innovative released their original EVO SD, but they managed to reduce the overall length of the new model by removing a baffle without affecting the gun’s audio performance. Now that’s amazing.

EVO Heat Shield

Their choice of the EVO as a host is a very economic one as well. Not only are components for the EVO widely available and affordable, so are the magazines. Compare the average $20 cost of a Scorpion magazine versus the $50-$60 cost of an MP5 mag. Even with the added $200 tax stamp of a suppressor, it would be very easy to make up for the difference in price just in cost of ownership alone.

But all claims of performance are simply hearsay until third party testing is performed. But if this author’s past experiences are any indication, this new EVO SDK will be very quiet, and very reliable. For more information, visit https://www.innovativearms.com/

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