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Inshore Fishing Legend Mike Frenette Teams With Seaguar

The biggest, baddest fish swim in salty water. And the limitless saltmarshes and bayous of the Mississippi River Delta are home to more than their share.

The allure of hard-charging bull reds, aggressive speckled trout, wary black drum and slashing jack crevalles draws anglers from around the world. They quietly glide along roseau cane-bordered channels and pursue these tackle-testing adversaries.

Few anglers know these waters as intimately as Captain Mike Frenette. He has been fishing, guiding, and competing in and near the Mississippi River Delta for more than 40 years.

Captain Frenette Partners With Seaguar

Frenette is now teaming with Seaguar, the inventor of fluorocarbon fishing line. Frenette in on board to deliver his hard-earned wisdom to an eager inshore audience. He’ll also be working to enhance Seaguar’s braided line and fluorocarbon leader offerings for saltwater fishing.

Frenette first ventured into the saltmarshes near Venice, LA while enrolled in high school. He began building his saltwater fishing business in the early 1980s. His primary targets during his early years as a guide were found offshore.

Captain Mike Frenette, well-known inshore fisherman, is now teaming with Seaguar.

 “We chased marlin, tuna, wahoo – you name it,” said Frenette. “And during those early years, we didn’t have any competition at all. Nobody was offshore, just us and the fish – big ones, and lots of ‘em.”

Indeed, Frenette was the first full-time guide in the now bustling Venice Marina. He hung his shingle for offshore and inshore trips in 1985. Frenette was recognized by Sport Fishing magazine as one of the top 50 charter captains in the world. Frenette and his clients are responsible for 28 top 10 Louisiana state records and four world records. Includied is a 117-pound wahoo caught on 30-pound test line. 

 These days, Frenette runs his trips from the family-owned, full-service Redfish Lodge of Louisiana in Venice. Those outings more often take him inshore rather than to the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Inshore Fishing Trophies Await

“First, fishing inshore gets my clients into the boat for more days than the volatile offshore environment permits,” asserts Frenette. “Moreover, fishing inshore gives me the chance to do what I do best: teach my clients the technical aspects of chasing trophy-caliber reds. I don’t pick up a rod when I’m guiding. All of my time and attention is devoted to helping my guests find and catch the redfish of a lifetime – and then, to catch another.”

While the Mississippi River Delta offers a broad spectrum of fish to pursue, Frenette does have his favorite.

“There’s nothing more exciting than sight-casting to redfish in skinny water,” confesses Frenette.“It’s really hunting and fishing combined into one all-encompassing experience.”

Frenette remains an active competitor in saltwater fishing circuits.

He has tallied 25 top 10 finishes in professional redfish events, as well as wins or top-three placements in a variety of billfish, tarpon, and other big game tournaments.

“Tournaments are my ‘selfish’ fishing time. I’m a very competitive person, and tournament fishing is what drives me,” said Frenette. “I embrace the challenge of going to places that I’ve never fished before, because dissecting that bite teaches me new ways to succeed – not only in that event, but also back home with my clients. I still learn something new every single day. That desire to keep learning – and to keep teaching – makes me a better guide.”

Captain Mike Frenette has been a top tournament angler as well as a heralded guide.

Frenette Chooses Seaguar Lines and Leaders

Seaguar lines and leaders are integral components of Frenette’s arsenal, which makes their working together a logical decision.

“Whether I’m guiding clients, fishing a tournament, or just looking to pop a couple slot reds for dinner, I’m spooled up with Seaguar. For example, my favorite set-up for sight fishing reds is a seven-foot, medium power baitcasting rod, with the reel spooled up with 30 lb test Seaguar Smackdown.

“Depending on water clarity, I’ll add an 18-36-inch leader of Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon. My favorite leader material by far is a new Seaguar product that will be all the rage at ICAST this year; it’s really terrific and precision engineered for the inshore environment. I’ll finish the rig with either a spinnerbait or a weedless jig tipped with a soft plastic. That combo – from rod to line to lure –  has brought more redfish to the boat than anything else I can think of.”

Captain Mike Frenette has long been an advocate of Seaguar lines and leaders.

Reflecting on what the future may hold, Frenette notes that, “in 10 years, I’m planning to be just as excited and motivated to fish, learn, and teach as I am today. I’m truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Seaguar, where I enjoy an unparalleled level of engagement, particularly when it comes to product development and refinement. Watching a prototype that I have worked on come to the market, so that other anglers can use it to catch more fish, is both gratifying and humbling.” 

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