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Interactive Cyrus Targets Shooting System

Cyrus Targets has a new and unique system for tactical training and preparing for your next hunt. We had a call with Matej Kurbel, owner of Cyrus Targets to understand this unique target system. Also, Matej offered an exclusive discount on the Cyrus target system for our readers. The link is at the bottom of the article.

Designed for the Marksman

Cyrus Targets was designed to maximize your time at the range. When Kurbel first began shooting, he noticed that he spent a lot of time at the range waiting on people to change targets. This experience gave birth to an idea: Kurbel noticed that there was not a target system on the market that showed images, or was automated. He wanted to show live targets and be able to interact with what he was shooting. 

“I started to go to my friend’s shooting range, and I had to wait ’till everyone was done shooting to see how I did,” he said. “I wanted something that could show me the results immediately. I looked for something that could multiply my time at the shooting range.”

Although hundreds of types of shooting targets exist, they lacked innovation, creativity, and excitement, Kurbel thought.

"Part of my inspiration for Cyrus Targets is that I longed for a target that was interactive, portable, and had realistic moving visual targets. I wanted it to be entertaining and challenging. I desired a diverse arrange of shooting targets without having to buy twenty different shooting targets that would later take up storage space. The problem with paper targets and steel plates is that it is always the same. After a while, the excitement wears out."

Matej Kurbel

From there, Kurbel developed the concept for what would become Cyrus Targets. He reached out to a friend who runs Bizzcom, a manufacturer of high-end automotive parts for cars that cost more than most houses, and formed a new partnership. With Bizzcom providing the engineering and production, Cyrus Targets now has a powerhouse with experience behind them.

“I created Cyrus Targets, a fully app-controlled interactive target system that is wireless and portable,” he said. “Programmed with a wide variety of targets, Cyrus Targets takes shooting targets to the next level.”

High Tech Targets from Central Europe

The Cyrus Target system allows the user to interact with the environment in a way that has not been seen before in a portable target. The system consists of the main unit that houses a projector, front, and rear camera, speakers, a microphone and wifi to communicate with your phone. This main unit projects any number of user-selected options onto the target unit. 

The target is 67″ x 39″ it can be stood up for a taller target or on its side to create a wider field of view. Because the target stand can be positioned two different ways it allows it to fit into the environment in a variety of ways. You can see the target system in action below and get a sense of how interactive it is:

As you can see, the target can perform a variety of scenarios, from military and law enforcement training to hunting. Cyrus also has several games and traditional targets that can be qued up at a moment’s notice. If you get bored with this system, then you need to check your pulse. 

How it Works

On a technical level, the Cyrus Target System is extremely impressive. The base unit serves both as the brains of the system as well as the projector for the targets. It features a 5,500-lumen projector, which in case you’re wondering, is incredibly bright. The Cyrus base unit also sports a high-speed camera that is precisely aligned with the projector and is capable of recognizing bullet holes in the target paper. Rounding the base unit out are three additional components: a rear-facing camera, a microphone, and speakers. The rear-facing camera detects motion from the shooter, which can then be used to alter parts of the projected scenario. The microphone records shot sounds, allowing the system to determine when rounds are fired but land off-target. Finally, the speakers increase immersion by providing scenario-specific sounds.

You may be wondering how this all works. The secret is a combination of software and hardware working in conjunction to take shooting to a level we’ve never seen in this sort of package. The camera in the Cyrus is the same as those used to monitor luxury automotive production lines for part defects. They’re capable of detecting even tiny changes frame-to-frame, or small discrepancies between the expected image and what is captured by the sensor at very high speeds. As used in the Cyrus Target System, these cameras capture the image projected on the paper sheet. That image is then processed against the source scenario graphic or video sent to the projector. Differences like bullet holes are identified and logged.

Connectivity is the Secret

Connectivity is key to the Cyrus Target System experience. To access and cycle through the various training and gaming scenarios supported by the system, a smartphone companion app syncs with the main unit over wifi or Bluetooth. This not only allows users to change scenarios via the mobile app; it also facilitates long-range use of the Cyrus Target System and the feedback it offers.

Remember the microphone, speakers, and rear-facing camera on the base unit? If you’re more than roughly two meters away from the target, the phone’s speakers, microphone, and camera take over for the base unit. This allows key immersion features and feedback to be recorded and displayed from a distance – even up to 500 yards away.

The connectivity doesn’t end there. The base station also connects wirelessly to the target stand. The resulting communications allow the base unit to analyze hits on the paper. It triggers automated refresh scrolling if there are too many holes in the target area to accurately score a given scenario. Moreover, thanks to registration marks on the target paper, the refresh cycle can intelligently unroll just enough new paper to clear the impact marks out of the target area. This capability dramatically reduces waste and should save users loads of money on the system’s proprietary target paper rolls.

If you’re a home theater or tech enthusiast, you’re probably well aware that a 5,500-lumen projector is really, really powerful. Most home theater units are between 1,500 and 3,000 lumens. For reference, 5,500 lumens is light cannon territory – but it’s necessary for outdoor use. How on Earth can something like that be powered sufficiently at the range?

It’s no surprise that the Cyrus system can take a direct power cord from a 110/220V AC outlet (depending on region). However, that isn’t going to work for most ranges. Fortunately, the system also includes a whopping (28-pound) 125A battery capable of powering the unit for 4 hours.

Endless Options

One of the most appealing aspects of the Cyrus Target is the ability to create custom scenarios. For example, if you are training in a building or shoot house, then the unit can trigger a hostage situation and respond to your movements. The units can also be linked together, so one unit could be a friendly and the other a hostile. 

Cyrus Targets shooter

Another option is to put the unit outside and create a hunting situation. The camera can scan the background before the target is set up and then display an animal in the environment that you are viewing. You can see an example of this below: 

Final Questions

All of these features could mean a fundamental change in the way we use targets in the future. Still, we had a few remaining questions for Kurbel:

1.  Is the main unit bulletproof?

Yes, it can take an impact and has removable armor that can be added once the unit is in place. The armor comes with the unit but would make it too heavy if it was not removable.

2.  Is the frame of the target bulletproof?

Yes, it is rated to .223, but the individual frame pieces can be replaced as needed. They are inexpensive parts. If they were designed to take a hit from a larger bullet, they would be very heavy. The glass protecting the projector is also designed to withstand shrapnel or a ricochet.

3.  I see that in some photos there is a shade. Is that so you can see in sunlight?

Yes, they are only needed in direct sunlight and are inexpensive to replace if damaged. The 5,500-lumen projector works very well in sunlight. The videos and pictures only show the prototype 3,000-lumen projector. We increased the size to allow for more conditions.

4.  How long does the paper last?

The system only rolls the paper when it can no longer detect a hit. If you have one big hole, it will move down about 20cm so you have a clean target. The roll of paper is 30 meters, so it lasts a very long time. Also, you get an alert on your phone when it is getting close to the end of the roll.

5.  When it is time to get paper, can we use any roll of paper or is this special?

It is a proprietary paper that has small watermarks on the side so that the camera can track and display the images correctly. The paper will be available for sale at launch.

6.  Speaking of the launch, I see you have a special on Indiegogo right now. What happens if you don’t meet your goal?

The units are in production now. Whether we hit the goal or not, Cyrus Targets will be available in the first quarter of 2020. I created the Indigogo campaign to sell directly to the end-user at a discount. Once we launch, customers will have to go through our distributor, and they will be full price.

6.  Lastly, you mentioned you have a special link for our readers for an even bigger discount?

If you use the link below, you will get the system for $3999. That is 42% off the Cyrus main unit, target unit, Hardox shield, and shades. You will also receive ten limited-edition targets limited just to this link. Also, you get 250 credits for in-app-purchases and all-new targets free for two years.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, then go to this link.

Key Features: Cyrus Target System

  • 5,500 Lumens daylight projector
  • High-speed ultra-sensitive front camera
  • High-speed i5 processor
  • HD rear camera
  • Two 30W speakers
  • Ultra sensitive 48kHz/16-bit Microphone
  • Rechargeable 125Ah Li-ion battery
  • Built-in target scroll
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4.5 hr shooting time on battery alone
  • 110/220V AC outlet for extended power
  • 500 yrd range
  • 2-year warranty
  • Instant social sharing and metric tracking
  • Realistic training with multiple scenarios
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