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Langdon Tactical LTT 1301 Upgraded Beretta Tactical Shotgun

Langdon Tactical Technology re-works Beretta pistols and improves them beyond what the factory can provide. Now they have turned their attention to the Beretta 1301 shotgun and made what is already a great tactical shotgun even better.

The Beretta 1301 is an incredibly fast-cycling shotgun with soft shooting action but Langdon has identified areas of improvement. Langdon begins with the second generation of the 1301 which has some improvements over the first generation. The improvements of the gen 2 are a better bolt release which fixes potential jamming issues. Additionally, the gen 2 has better beveling on the loading port which allows for easier loading.

From the factory, the Beretta only has a capacity of 5 rounds, which has been fixed by Langdon with the addion of the Nordic Components Magazine Tube Extension making the capacity 7+1. A Nordic Enhanced tube follower helps with loading.

The addition of a Magpul Zhukov handguard gives the Beretta mounting options for accessories, such as lights. The mounting of accessories is not possible with the factory handguard. The M-LOK slots on the Magpul handguard allow for mounting options not previously available. An Aridus adapter attaches the handguard to the 1301.

Adding a Magpul SGA stock gives you the ability to adjust the length of pull. This is not just a bolt-on stock, it requires the use of an Ardius Industries stock adapter. With the addition of the handguard and stock, you now have multiple points to mount a sling.

If you want more options you have the Aridus CROM Mount (Co-Witness Ready Optic Mount) for Trijicons and Aimpoints. The CROM has a Rob Haught ghost ring sight for a true co-witness with the RMR or Aimpoint Micros. The difference in the Haught and the standard version is the top half of the XS sight aperture is milled off on the Haught, allowing for faster sight acquisition. The standard version is just the full ghost ring.

Co-witness Ready Optic Mount (CROM)
Co-witness Ready Optic Mount (CROM)
Aridus Universal QDC Side Saddle
The last piece that you can add is the Aridus side saddle which allows you to carry an additional 6 shells on the side of the gun. 

The LTT 1301 really is a much improved tactical shotgun with the right amount of add-ons. If you are thinking about just adding these parts to your existing shotgun keep in mind that you have to be 922r compliant. When making modifications to an imported firearm, a certain number of parts have to be US parts for the firearm to be legal. Example: adding the extension tube alone could be a felony.

Key Features: Langdon Tactical LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun

  • Aridus Magpul Zhukov Handguard
  • Aridus Industries Stock Adapter Magpul Stock
  • Nordic Components Magazine Tube Extension Kit
  • Nordic Enhanced Magazine Tube Follower
  • MSRP: $1,599

Optional upgrades include:

  • Aridus Universal QDC Side Saddle
  • Aridus CROM Mount (Rob Haught Version)
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