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LaRue Tactical Unveils The Siete at SHOT Show 2020

LaRue Tactical's Siete bolt-gun

LaRue Tactical is one of those old-school Gucci-tier AR makers known for high quality guns, like their Siete.  But unlike their previous guns, the Siete is a bolt-action firearm. Though it’s more than that – a lot more.

One of the things LaRue has been known for – especially in the last few years – is their commitment to getting high quality products to shooters at a fair price. Their Ultimate Upper Kit brought a top tier AR to the masses for under $1,000, and their MBT triggers drastically lowered the entry price on custom AR triggers. 

Enter the Siete

The Siete continues this tradition by lowering the cost of a compact precision chassis weapon system to something most shooters can afford. The Siete is more than just affordable though, it also comes loaded with solid features that would make it an attractive option at much higher price points.

LaRue Siete Action
LaRue Tactical's Siete is clearly based on the Remington 700 action.

For example, the Siete ships as a pistol with a seven in barrel, but includes a second 20 in (or 18) barrel for shooters who want to get the most ballistic efficacy from their .308 or 6.5 cartridge. (There are reports that a .300 Win Mag Siete Interceptor is on the way too!)

The rear of the receiver is threaded for standard AR buffer tubes. This allows shooters to install a brace of their choice. (or a stock if they install a barrel over 16 inches.)

LaRue Siete Chassis
The LaRue Siete uses both AR grips and pistol braces.

The Siete’s action is a Remington 700 type, but the bolt differs from standard R700 guns. The bolt is proprietary, and incorporates a Winchester model 70 style safety at the rear for quick and easy access. Each Siete comes topped with a Tranquillo brake, but under this brake are 5/8×24 standard .30 caliber threads. So shooters can install any muzzle device or suppressor they like.

The whole system feeds from AICS magazines, which while expensive, are renowned for their reliability and durability. All and all, the new Siete seems to be a heck of a setup for precision weapon enthusiasts, hunters and anyone who wants a compact bolt-gun built for accuracy. For more information on pricing and availability, head over to https://www.larue.com/   

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