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Leverage Wind Checking & Utility: Cirrus Pro Tool

For bowhunting, the outdoor marketplace holds a ton of useful technology to enhance your hunt. Trail cameras, navigation apps, rangefinders – you name it. But there is nothing better than archery hunting tools offering multiple uses. For one, they usually take up less space in your pack and, if you’re lucky, they’re lightweight for hunting afoot. The Pro Cirrus does both.

More Than a Wind Indicator

Cirrus Outdoors has now parlayed their ultra-useful Cirrus Wind Indicator into a multi-faceted instrument that any archer will put to use in the field (for that matter, any outdoorsman). It’s called the Pro Cirrus. In addition to the wind indicator, the small unit includes an LED flashlight, a portable charging bank, and a Wi-Fi SD card reader. Paired with the free Pro Cirrus app, you can wirelessly view and share trail-cam photos from your phone. The app is also equipped with weather, compass, and mapping capabilities. I don’t know about you, but these are all features I commonly use in the field and hunting camp.

Along with helping you find your way to the tree stand, the LED light helps you to ascertain the slightest wind or thermals. For bowhunting in particular, this feature is invaluable. The natural cloud formula is 100% organic and has little odor. The Pro Cirrus’ hardy vapor cloud is superior to messy powders. The first time you initiate it, you’ll be hooked – even in the mildest breeze. The red LED light can be used for those times when more stealth is in order. The built-in power bank charger provides an emergency charge on your cell phone or other portable electronics.

Whether hunting deer, elk, predators, or hogs, you can maximize even the slightest wind conditions. The Pro Cirrus is your best friend with outstanding battery life and cartridges that last for 30-plus hours. (over 1000 puffs). That’s a lot of hunts. Plus, 2-pack replacement cartridges come in ideal cover scents such as pine, acorn, and earth scents.

Cirrus Wind Indicator
Cirrus Wind Indicator

The Pro Cirrus is a truly robust multi-functioning device that is a must-have for any hunter, particularly for archery hunting. You will want this in your pack or pocket in the stand or on the move in the hunting woods. Cirrus Outdoors’ Pro Cirrus has recently been a marvel on the Archery Trade Association (ATA) floor. Why? Bowhunters like effective, multi-use gear that stack the odds in their favor.

Cirrus Wind Indicator with power bank
Cirrus Wind Indicator with power bank


  • 3 x 1 x 8.6 inches
  • About 8-ounces in weight
  • Sturdy housing
  • White LED can be used as a flashlight or wind/thermal detector
  • Red LED provides for stealth
  • Built-in power bank charger – to charge mobile phones and other portable devices
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Long-lasting wind indicator (over 1000 applications)
  • Power button to promote long battery life and prevent over-heating
  • $69.95
Cirrus Wind Indicator
Cirrus Wind Indicator
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