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Lone Star Boars Loadout: with the Pulsar Thermion XP50

Boar hunters ask me all the time about what gear I use and my rifle setup. In this new series, I’m going to walk you through different kits for hunting, starting with a rundown of the gear and then moving on to the shooting. This is not my primary setup or what I use on a regular basis. After I shoot about 300-500 rounds with this then I’ll switch to a different setup and give a rundown of each. So look for more articles in this series.

Rifle Setup

For the rifle, I’m using the LWRCI REPR MkII in 308. The REPR is offered in 12.7-inch, 16.1-inch, and 20-inch barrel lengths. I choose the 20-inch barrel for the extra velocity. If you aren’t familiar with this rifle, it is a piston-driven system, so the rifle runs very clean and requires little maintenance. LWRC does offer side charging as on option, but since I’m left-handed, that doesn’t work well for me. Also, for the other lefties out there, this rifle is fully ambidextrous.

The only modification that I have made to the rifle itself is to add a JP Enterprises Silent Captured Buffer, which makes the rifle run smooth and allows me to tune it to run different ammo easier. While not required, I highly recommend that you use these buffers in your rifles. 

At the front of the rifle, I have the Inforce WML White/IR – Gen2 light that can run double duty as a white light or IR light. I use this because it is very simple to operate at night, and it has a safety lever to prevent it from accidentally turning on if you bump it. 

For the silencer, I’m using the CGS Hyperion. This is a 30 caliber silencer that is rated for up to 300 RUM. It is a direct-thread titanium silencer that attaches to the barrel. It is very light for a 9.4-inch silencer and weighs in at 17.7 ounces. The Hyperion is a little longer than most silencers I use, but the extra length makes it incredibly quiet. 

LWRCI REPR taking out the wild hogs
LWRCI REPR taking out the wild hogs

Wolf 140gr Soft Point

It might come as a surprise that I use steel case ammo in my LWRC, but it works. I have been testing and using this ammo for several months and have had zero issues with the rifle. People have asked if there are problems ejecting or issues with weak primer hits, and I have not experienced either. I chose to go with the Wolf ammo because the price adds up when you shoot as much as I do. The only thing I can say is that it is not as fast as the premium ammo, but if you know your holds, then this is not an issue. Again this isn’t the ammo that I would recommend or suggest to people but you can see my thoughts in the video.

Pulsar XP50 Thermion

For the thermal, I’m using the Pulsar XP50 Thermion 2-15x. Pulsar has replaced the Trail series with the Thermions. You can still get a Trail in the LRF (laser range finder) version; however, there is no LRF version of the Thermion yet. The only difference between the XP50 Trail and XP50 Thermion is the housing, battery, and screen. 

The upgraded color screen allows you to change the color palettes and the reticle color. This lets the reticle really pop when you are shooting. 

Since this is an entry-level scope, there are some performance benefits that you give up over thermals that cost $5,000 more. However, it is the best scope on the market if you are on a budget. 

Pulsar XP38 Thermion on the LWRCI REPR
Pulsar XP38 Thermion on the LWRCI REPR

Final Thoughts

All the gear performed as expected, and if you watch the video, you can see the performance on wild hogs. I suggest you watch the full video to see the performance for yourself. If you want to watch just the shooting, jump to 3:15 and for my final impressions on the gear and its performance, skip to the 11-minute mark. 

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