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LWRCI SMG 45 Breakdown


The LWRCI SMG 45 was first teased almost 5 years ago. Since then consumers have been asking when it will be available? The answer is now, at the NRA Annual Meeting this past April LWRCI had the finished firearms on display.


The SMG 45 is a .45 ACP subgun that takes HK UMP magazines and some have said it is the modern UMP. Aside from the magazines and caliber though there aren’t many similarities. The SMG model is built on an AR platform with a lot of innovation. It uses a proprietary Short Recoil/Delayed Blowback operating system which means there is no buffer tube so folding stocks are an option.

The unique delayed blowback system reduces recoil and sound levels at the shooter’s ear when shooting suppressed. The barrel and bolt move to the rear together before the barrel stops and bolt unlocks. This decreases the pressure and forces more gas out the muzzle rather than coming out of the ejection port like some competitors on the market. Additionally, the lower uses standard AR-15 trigger parts, unlike the UMP.

LWRCI SMG 45 Magwell
The magwell is marked multi-cal. Are other calibers going to be available in the future?

It didn’t take long for LWRCI to ship an SMG 45 out for review and testing. So here we have it, the first breakdown of how to disassemble the newest offering from LWRCI. Todd Huey from Lone Star Boars has put 3,000 rounds downrange so far through the 45.

As you can see from the video the entire gun breaks down very easily. The non-reciprocating forward charging handle can be swapped from the left to the right side. The ability to easily remove the barrel allows for caliber conversion kits in the future. Since the barrel moves under recoil a booster is recommended for shooting with silencers.

There are at least two stock options that we know of. A side-folding tubular stock and side-folding brace as pictured below.

LWRCI SMG 45 Features

  • Fully Ambidextrous lower controls
  • 8.5” Cold Hammer-Forged Chromoly steel barrel
  • 5.9 lbs
  • Length is 15.25″ folded or 26″ with the brace extended
  • User-Configurable rail system
  • LWRCI Rail Panels
  • Ambidextrous Paddle Style Magazine release
  • US-manufactured UMP magazines, two 25-round mags included
  • Magpul MBUS Pro Back Up Sights
  • Reversible, non-reciprocating, folding charging handle
So with all of these features what will the new LWRCI SMG 45 cost you? At an MSRP of $2,995, this isn’t a cheap firearm but there is also nothing cheap about the construction either. A large group of enthusiasts keeps asking for innovation and here we have it. That innovation takes time but LWRCI delivered. Look for the SMG 45 at your local dealer or find a dealer on the LWRCI website.
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