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NDA Launches Educational CWD Video

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) has launched a new communication initiative to combat chronic wasting disease (CWD) that will provide accurate and timely information to the public. A new video brings added levels of education, testimony, and data around the spread of this disease that threatens America’s most popular hunting pastime and conservation as a whole.

CWD is an unprecedented threat to healthy deer herds. Unlike other known or more visible diseases though, CWD does not kill large amounts of deer at the same time, and affected deer often don’t show signs or symptoms until death is near. These factors, in addition to other communication and non-scientific-based reasoning from a few vocal groups and individuals, can leave hunters and members of the public confused, or without a sense of urgency of what’s at stake.

A New Vision Spearheaded by Unique Video

Pennsylvania, like more than half of the other states in the country, is facing the challenge of slowing the spread of CWD in wild deer. In this video produced by NDA, you will hear from CWD experts and sportsmen from Wisconsin who have seen and continue to face the issues caused by the disease since it was first detected in the Badger State in 2002. They talk about the challenges of managing CWD in the face of political opposition and a largely disengaged hunting community and provide suggestions and encouragement to Pennsylvanians as wildlife professionals and hunters in the Commonwealth begin to tread similar waters. The Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) recently published a CWD Response Plan that is available for public review and comment now and will shape how the state combats the spread of CWD. The video supports that effort.

One major aspect of the video and response plan is a rallying call to hunters who have the biggest ability to fight CWD through their actions and harvest strategies. But hunters are not alone in the challenge, or the consequences.

“This video is the first of our national effort to provide the best available information to hunters and others who care about wild deer and conservation,” said NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto. “CWD is a complicated issue that requires careful explanation. With the help of top experts and using a variety of media, we embrace the challenge and look forward to doing what’s right on behalf of deer, and broad wildlife conservation.”

Live Events, Meetings Coming Soon

NDA will be hosting a series of town-hall style meetings in Pennsylvania early this year. The half-dozen or so events will bring a panel of experts to locations across the state and allow the hunting and non-hunting public to participate, ask questions and comment—as well as learn what NDA and PGC are planning to stem the spread of CWD in the state.

NDA will announce the dates and locations of these events soon. More information is available at nationaldeeralliance.com and new content and the latest news about CWD will be sent through the organization’s social media channels.

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