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Nevada Coyote Hunt with Convergent

Here at Convergent, we are always eager to get out in the field and test and evaluate our products. It’s hard work, but we owe it to our customers to make these T/E trips. Right? Deliberating and planning these trips, one must also consider the weather.  September in Texas is still pretty warm (HOT), so it only made sense to start north earlier and then migrate south as the weather turns. Coupled with the fact that I love to hunt the high desert of Northern Nevada, somehow a plan began to emerge. Funny how that happens. I love my job, and I won’t apologize for that.

Having grown up in Texas where 99% of the state is private land I love going to these Western states like Nevada where most of it is public BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) or National Forrest. Any US citizen with a map can hunt it and avoid deeded private property. There are millions of acres out west that are open to hunters. The only problem then lies in your ability to narrow it down to where you want to hunt within these vast areas. These vast areas are part of what I like most about going out there. Having been up there a few times in years past, I had narrowed it down to a very picturesque area in Northern Nevada. This country has lots of draws leading out of mountains down into foothills and valleys. These draws mean water, and in the high desert, this attracts game animals and predators — a great place to start looking.

Below you will see three short videos we made during this hunt using the Convergent game call. Within these videos, some great tips hopefully will help you out. I hope you enjoy it.

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