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New Products from ATA 2020

Each January the Archery Trade Association Show comes around and with it new products. Here are some of the newest offerings for bow hunters. 

Halo Optics CL300 Laser Rangefinder

As every archer knows, it’s critical to get quick readings at moderate ranges from 10 to 50 yards on game animals. That’s precisely where the CL300 delivers, giving bowhunters a lightweight, minimalist construction that stows easily in a chest pocket or pack and delivers ranging precision to +/- 1 yard of the target. The 5x magnification is plenty to assess and range shooting lanes, giving hunters supreme confidence when the moment of truth arrives. 

When shot distances increase, the CL300 continues to perform, with a maximum ranging distance of 600 yards on a reflective target. The laser rangefinder is backed by a 1-year warranty and is water-resistant, fully capable of standing up to whatever Mother Nature throws at you in the deer woods. 

Halo CCL 300
Halo CCL 300

Wildgame Innovations Switch Game Scouting Cameras

Three buttons: that’s all it takes to get the Switch and Switch Lightsout cameras fully operational. This dummy-proof trail camera is one of the easiest setups created. 

The Switch is outfitted with high-intensity infrared LEDs, while the Switch Lightsout uses both invisible black infrared LEDs and the Lightsout invisible infrared LED flash.

Switch Features:

  • Automatically syncs date and time – self-corrects for daylight savings
  • Includes adjustable tree strap
  • 12 MP image and 720p video resolution
  • 21 Invisible black infrared LEDs
  • 65-foot range
  • Less than 1 second trigger speed
  • 15 second video length
  • Up to 32GB memory card 
  • Uses 8 AA Batteries (not included)
  • MSRP: $59.99 

Switch Lightsout Features:

  • Automatically syncs date and time – self-corrects for daylight savings
  • Includes adjustable tree strap
  • 12 MP image and 720p video resolution
  • 36 Invisible black infrared LEDs
  • 60-foot range
  • Less than 1-second trigger speed
  • 15-second video length
  • Up to 32GB memory storage 
  • Uses 8 AA Batteries (not included)

MSRP: $69.99

Wildgame Innovations Switch game camera
Wildgame Innovations Switch game camera

Custom Bow Equipment Micro Diameter Stabilizers: Torx Spyder

The CBE TORX Spyder series of competition stabilizers are micro-diameter stabilizers designed to slice through the wind and provide archers a better hold and shot timing. Even in windy conditions.

Named due to the unique shape and exclusive-to-CBE dampener included on each stabilizer, the TORX Spyder comes pre-installed with 3 1-ounce black nitride coated stainless steel weights. With a diameter of just 0.600” and formed from ultra-stiff, high-mod, lightweight 40T carbon rod, the TORX Spyder is threaded for 5/16” – 24 weights. Machined aluminum end caps have a slightly larger diameter of just 0.740”. Each stabilizer comes pre-installed with 3 1-ounce black nitride coated stainless steel weights.

The new TORX Spyder stabilizers are available in several common lengths:

  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 15”
  • 27”
  • 30”
  • 33”

Easton 6.5 MATRIX Arrows

Easton unveiled a new lightweight arrow in its 6.5mm product line—the 6.5 MATRIX. This new arrow is an ultra-lightweight model that uses Easton’s Acu-carbon seamless process. What’s more, the Matrix features a new carbon fiber braid visible on the outside of the shaft. The Easton’s proprietary process results in a seamless shaft delivering a virtually perfect spine and weight across every production run. Without the weight and spine inconsistency found in conventional arrow-making processes, Acu-carbon constructed arrows tune easier and offer better accuracy on the range and in the field.

·Acu-carbon seamless process for virtually perfect spine & weight consistency

·Microlite premium nocks—shortens the critical distance between the shaft and bowstring for improved alignment and reduced weight

·6.5MM heavy-duty inserts. 4X thicker shoulder—stronger and adds F.O.C

·Bully premium vanes— Stiffer, more accurate and more durable than conventional vanes.

·Straightness ±.003”

·Spine sizes: 300(8.9 gpi), 340(8.1gpi), 400(7.4 gpi), 500(6.8gpi)

·$79.99 six pack

Killer Instinct - SPEED 425

The SPEED 425 produces an unstoppable amount of energy by inflicting an insane 425 FPS on what’s in your crosshairs. This electrifying speed is controlled with sniper precision from the Killer Instinct LUMIX Speed Ring Scope, which instantly matches the 20-100-yard reticle to be sighted in and provide HD clarity in low light conditions when game is on the move. This setup paired with the enhanced aluminum barrel already known for nock breaking accuracy puts this bow into an elite category of precision accuracy. AR-style buttstock features 5-position adjustability for max performance and custom fit. With its high-energy and accuracy driven frame, the Speed 425 promises to maximize your success in the woods. Compatible with Dead Silent Crank, includes Elite Package.

  • SPEED – 425 Feet Per Second
  • TRIGGER – 3.5-LB
  • WIDTH – 14.375″ Cocked//17.75″ Uncocked
  • LENGTH – 32″-34.5″
  • WEIGHT – 7.2-LB
  • DRAW WT – 200-LB
  • POWER STROKE – 15″
Killer Instinct - SPEED 425 Crossbow
Killer Instinct - SPEED 425 Crossbow
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