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PGS Hybrid Scorpion EVO Magazine Review

PGS Hybrid Mag Cover

When it comes to magazines, I’m a snob; it’s why I exclusively run mags like Lancer’s AWM mags, and the new PGS Hybrid magazines for the Scorpion EVO.

But here’s the thing – I don’t own a Scorpion EVO, and I have no interest in one. So why do I care about the magazines? For a similar reason that I care about Bulgarian circle 10 mags – the metal.

I’m sure someone out there got that, but I’m talking about the PSA AK-V 9mm pistol. The AK/Vityaz inspired 9mm that feeds from Scorpion mags.

Manticore is So Metal

Given the low cost of OEM Scorpion EVO magazines, it begs the question, “why?” Why would a company bother to make an alternative.

The answer is durability and metal. Heat-treated steel to be exact. That’s what the PGS Hybrid magazines incorporate into their design that original factory EVO magazines lack. 

Like I mentioned earlier, this is very similar to Bulgarian AK magazines and how they incorporate metal feed lips into a high impact polymer body. This gives both the advantages of lightweight, durable polymer and the more reliable, longer-lasting steel support.

Additionally, these PGS Hybrid EVO magazines hold 32 rounds of ammo instead of the standard 30. While the addition of two rounds might not sound like much, it does make loading the magazine to 30 rounds easier. 

PGS Hybrid Feed Lips
The PGS Hybrid magazine's steel feed lips are a marked improvement over the original design.

PGS Hybrid Magazine Features

•Magazine designed by Manticore Arms for Prepper Gun Shop

•Hybrid construction- heat treated steel feed lips with a polymer body and polymer components

•100% USA made from the feed lips to the polymer components to the spring

•Counts as THREE USA made 922r compliance parts

•32 round capacity with round count markings on the side of the magazine body

•Color: Clear or Smoke polymer magazine body

•Tested to function in both semi and full auto guns at up to 1500 rpm cyclic rate

PGS Hybrid Translucent Body
The Scorpion EVO mgas from PGS feature translucent bodies allowing shooters to easily check their remaining capacity.

Other features not listed on the official site include enumerated markings on the magazine body to give shooters an instant capacity check, and a reinforced base plate to prevent damage if dropped.

The website lists their MSRP as $29.99, but Prepper Gun Shop normally has them at lower prices than factory OEM mags. 

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