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PTR Industries Brings Back Budget G3 Rifles


Roller-delayed firearms like the G3 or MP5 are expensive. That was the way it always was until the early 2000’s when PTR unveiled its PTR-91 GI series of rifles. These G3 style rifles and carbines were surprisingly affordable at $999. Especially when compared to genuine HK91 rifles that fetched prices more than double that.

Which is ironic given that the entire premise behind the original stamped receiver roller-delayed guns that came out of Germany was to reduce costs. So when PTR came out with their PTR-91, it was a very big deal. 

PTR 100 Receiver
The PTR GI 100 series features easier to reach fire controls.

Unfortunately, the costs of these units eventually increased just by virtue of many of the surplus parts used in them drying up. And since shooters became accustomed to this lower price point, sales dropped off as a result. Eventually, the PTR-91 GI was discontinued.

PTR barrel
The new PTR features a thinner-profile barrel inspired by the PTR-32.

As a result, there were no longer any truly affordable G3 clone options on the market. But that all changed at SHOT Show 2020 with the announcement of the GI PTR 100. While nearly indistinguishable from the original PTR-92 carbines, these new ones feature extended safety selector and thinner profile barrels. Both of these helped make the PTR a more ergonomic weapon by shifting the center of balance toward the shooter, and making the selector easier to reach. Very cool.

Now shooters no longer have to drop well in excess of $1,000 for a quality, reliable .308 auto-loader.  For more information, visit https://ptr-us.com/

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