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Rifle 101: Swap Muzzle Devices at the Range with Magpul’s BEV Block

While range testing some of Silencer Shop’s suppressors a few weeks ago, I found myself in a bit of a conundrum: I had two rifles to shoot, but only one device to use with the cans. This meant that I needed to share a single brake between both guns. 

Since many new silencers use taper surfaces and friction to fasten to their mounts, properly torqued flash hiders and brakes are incredibly important to prevent the muzzle device from sticking inside the suppressor’s tube and coming off as a unit when unscrewed. Well-secured mounts are also instrumental in preventing catastrophic damage that can be caused by a poorly aligned silencer. Away from home and without a bench vise, correctly installing a muzzle accessory is often difficult-to-impossible. That is, until now.

BEV Block AR-15 Clamp Muzzle
With a C-clamp, Magpul's BEV Block, and an armorer's wrench you can change AR-15 muzzle devices virtually anywhere.

The above photo was taken at my house, but the method is something that I’ve used with success at the range. Magpul’s BEV Block, a simple 3” or larger C-clamp, and an armorer’s wrench are all you need to install flash hiders and muzzle devices virtually anywhere you can find a 2×4 or similar base (like a shooting bench). While newbies (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being new) might also need a torque wrench to find the right setting, experienced DIYers should be able to get by with just the wrench. I wouldn’t use this setup for higher intensity applications like barrel installation, but for simple mount changes while at the range, it has worked remarkably well.

Have any readers found similar field expedient approaches to firearms frustrations?

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