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Rocky Mountain Launches Crossbow Line

Rocky Mountain has a reputation for providing sportsmen and women Rock-Solid Dependability at an affordable price point. Enter the all-new Rocky Mountain Crossbow Line — a series of three crossbows ready to put more backstraps on the grill and trophies on the wall.


Offered in solid black, the RM-360 sports a lightweight, compact design that makes it easily maneuverable and appealing to both the sit-and-wait and go-get-them crowds. The sleek aluminum rail promises repeatable accuracy and at speeds up to 360 fps, not even the wariest buck in the woods will be ducking a bolt powered by this 6.9-pound rig. 

Anti-Dry Fire Technology boosts safety, and the durable compression molded limbs handle the bow’s energy with ease. Ensuring a custom fit and feel is the adjustable buttstock and foregrip, which allow lengths of 34.5 and 36.5 inches. The bow’s power stroke is 12.5 inches and draw weight is 185 pounds. The RM-360 measures 13-inches cocked and 17.5 inches uncocked.

MSRP is $229.99.


The RM-360 PRO mirrors the specs of the RM-360. Setting the bows apart is the PRO’s Black w/Khaki stock design and the addition of string stops and limb dampeners. The scope on the PRO is also a step up from the standard 4×32 multi-reticle found on the RM-360. The PRO is topped with a 4×32 Illuminated red/blue adjustable model that makes low-light shots all the easier. MSRP on the PRO is $279.99.


Rounding out the line is the impressive RM-390, a 7.2-pound crossbow that produces speeds up to 390 fps and hits with a whopping 149 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. The bow has an adjustable buttstock and foregrip and offers lengths of 35.5 and 37.5 inches. Draw weight on the RM-390 is 200 pounds and it measures 14.5-inches cocked and 18.5 inches uncocked. MSRP: $399.99

Each crossbow comes with a Ready to Hunt Kit that includes:

  • 3 crossbow bolts
  • 3 100-grain field points
  • 4×32 scope (Illuminated Red/Blue Adjustable on the RM-360 PRO and RM-390; standard multi-reticle on the RM-360)
  • Quick-detach 3 bolt quiver with side mount
  • Rope Cocker
  • Rail Lube
  • Quiet Crank Cocking Wrench (Only on the RM-390)
Rocky Mountain RM-390 CROSSBOW KIT
Rocky Mountain RM-390 CROSSBOW KIT
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