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Scope Sighting in Made Easy: Axeon Absolute Zero

If you have ever zeroed a scope, you know that sometimes it is easy and sometimes it takes much longer than you expect. The new Absolute Zero from Axeon Optics makes this process not only more straightforward but quicker and more precise. 

The unit consists of two lasers that allow you to hold the rifle in the same position while adjusting your scope. So if the gun moves while you are adjusting the scope, which always happens, then you can get back to the hold that you used and align your shot.

The twin lasers allow you to precisely align your point of aim with your rifle’s point of impact. The way the sighting process works is simple:

Axeon Absolute Zero Gif
  1. You attach the Absolute Zero to your gun, turn the unit on, and it shines two lasers downrange.
  2. You aim the lasers at an included reflective target. The two lasers will align in two boxes on the target. Make a note of these boxes.
  3. Then you fire a round to establish a point of impact. It doesn’t matter where the impact is on the target. All you are doing with this shot is determining where the shot lands.
  4. Look through the scope and keep the lasers fixed on the original noted locations on the reflective target from earlier.
  5. Then adjust the crosshairs of your rifle’s scope or dot sight to correspond with the point of impact of the shot fired.

Since the laser provides two points of reference, if you move your rifle while adjusting the scope, you can realign your hold. Without the Absolute Zero, when you are changing your zero and inadvertently move the rifle, then you will need to take another shot. Because you don’t know how much the rifle moved and can’t get the hold back from when you took the shot, you have to start over which wastes time and ammo.

Now, it is possible to zero your rifle without the Absolute Zero using a lead sled or strapping the rifle down to keep it from moving. But the rifle could still be canted or move. The Absolute Zero method is more precise than other methods because of the two points of alignment. 

The unit fits any rifle that you may have. It comes with an adapter that fits your rifle’s Picatinny or Weaver rail. Also, a quick disconnect mount allows the unit to mount onto any scope with a 1-inch or 30 mm tube. Adhesive-backed reflective grids are included, making the red lasers easy to identify and locate even in bright sunlit conditions.

The Absolute Zero has an MSRP of $79.99. If it saves you shots zeroing in your rifles, then it could pay for itself rather quickly.

Axeon Absolute Zero Parts
Scope attachment and reflective target
Axeon Pic Rail Mount
Picatinny rail attachment
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