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Simplified Kestrel 2700 Entry-Level Ballistics Weather Meter

Kestrel Ballistics announced the release of the Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter. Simple to use and designed for single-gun, single-target operation, the 2700 is a highly capable standalone field device ideal for beginner long-range shooters and hunters seeking to push out farther.

The 2700 provides all the critical data you need for fast, precise shooting solutions at the range or on the hunt. A back to basics approach with powerful and effective results, the Kestrel 2700 ($179) offers an easy-to-use and budget-friendly alternative with this combination weather meter + ballistics calculator. With superior all-weather durability, easily readable in bright and low light conditions, and a longer battery life.

How It Works

It’s Load & Go convenience with the 2700:

  • Set Up: Personalize the Gun Profile for your specific rifle and round using the free LiNK Ballistics app, load it into the 2700, then leave your phone at home for this standalone field tool
  • Capture : At the shooting location — Quickly capture real-time, onsite wind and environmental conditions with just a few button presses
  • Range & Hit: Enter target distance for automatically updated accurate firing solutions –rely on accurate data for dead-on aim at long-distance shots

Key Features: Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter

  • Accurate Environmentals – Measures wind speed, wind direction, altitude, and temperature
  • G1/G7 Applied Ballistics® Solver – Extensive library of lab-tested bullet data for extreme accuracy out to 875 yds
  • Customizable Shooting Solutions – Ballistics data specific to your rifle, bullet, and scope
  • User-Friendly – Simple 3 button operation, Easy Mode helps you get started with step-by-step guidance for new users
  • Simple Target Display – Easily view the elevation and windage solutions for your shot
  • Rugged, All-Weather Durability – IP-67 Waterproof, MIL-STD-810 drop-tested, long life battery, and 5-Year Warranty, and no bulky phone case required
  • Protective Slip-On Cover – Rigid cover slides over the entire unit for added durability
  • MSRP$179.00
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