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SL-AK Silencer From Silent Legion

Silent Legion Silencers

Silent Legion announced a new silencer for AK pattern firearms called the SL-AK. According to Silent Legion, the SL-AK reduces sound by a significant amount, at 32 dB of total reduction. The 7.75″ length and 1.5″ diameter does not affect the normal shooting stance or grip. It weighs in at only 17 oz. The new silencer also features Silent Legion’s Bi-Lock QD mounting system.

Silent Legion states that the SL-AK has a sound reduction of 32 dB. This would put the muzzle report around 133dB if the numbers are correct. Pretty impressive by any standard; however the increased back pressure has always been an issue with suppressing an AK. There are currently no details on the “at ear” sound reduction from Silent Legion. Considering suppressing your AK? You might look at accessories that can help reduce the sound from the ejection port.

ARS30-1 Silencer

Arsenal ARS30-1 Silencer from Gemtech

There is not a picture of the new SL-AK available, but we are guessing that it will be similar to the Arsenal ARS30-1 AK silencer that was announced as a collaboration between Gemtech and Arsenal, Inc. Since both the Gemtech silencer and Silent Legion silencers are currently manufactured by GSL Technology, this would be a pretty good assumption to make. Additionally, the product specs from both the “new” SL-AK and ARS30-1 match up exactly with the same length, weight, and attachment.

There are not many AK silencers currently on the market, despite the abundance of AK-47 firearms in civilian ownership. It’s great to see that companies are recognizing the need for suppression on the AK platform. Combined with the advancements such as the KNS Adjustable Gas Piston, hopefully, there will be more silencer options in the future.

Keep an eye on the Silent Legion site for updates on the SL-AK. No release date has been set and as of 4/2/19, and there is not a product page for the new silencer.

ARS30-1 on AK-47

ARS30-1 on an AK-47. Will the endcap and styling change on the new SL-AK?

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