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Summer Bowfishing with the TRUGLO EZ-REST and Kits

The mercury is rising with the new season well underway. Spring and summer are the best times for bowfishing, and we’re smack-dab in the middle. This sport is a great way to pass the days of summer for any archer. Bowfishing offers both challenge and action.
Bowfishing is easy and inexpensive, and the pastime isn’t lost on the folks at TRUGLO. For 25 years, the Richardson, Texas-based company has offered a healthy array of shooting and archery products. One of their newest, the TRUGLO EZ-REST, is a brush-style arrow rest that is ideal for stick, string, and water. It was created for simple application and tuning. Both sturdy and waterproof, the design offers full arrow stability regardless of bow angle.

The company tagline, “When Brightness Counts,” is realized with the rest’s bright green guides maximizing sight during low-light conditions.

The EZ-REST for bowhunting is available as a stand-alone item, as well as in two different bowfishing kits. Coming with two bowfishing arrows each, the kits are designed to seamlessly transform any hunting bow into a dedicated bowfishing apparatus.

If you want to extend your bow season, bowfishing is your ticket. These quality tools from TRUGLO will help you maximize both your archery skill and enjoyment.

Key Features: TRUGLO EZ•REST Bowfishing Kits

  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Brush-style rest
  • Lightweight composite construction
  • Compatible with all bowfishing arrows and arrow safety/retention systems.
  • Black finish with green loading guides
  • Fully adjustable windage and elevation
  • Laser-engraved reference marks
  • Compatible with carbon or aluminum arrows and all popular vane sizes
  • Easy to install and tune on any bow
  • Tough single-density bristles for durability and consistency
  • Full–containment design holds an arrow at any angle
  • Simple conversion for left-handed shooters
  • Rubber caps for silent arrow loading
  • Bowfishing EZ•REST price: $23.99
  • SPRING•FISHER/EZ•REST (includes 2 SPEED-FISHER arrows) kit price: $70.99
  • SPEED•SHOT/EZ•REST(includes 2 SPEED-SHOT arrows) kit price: $58.99
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