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The Buck Attractant Super-Combo for Mock Scrapes

Serious deer hunters get jacked at the sight of a strong, active buck scrape. Much like rubs, they have an aura about them. Most of all, they remind us that the most thrilling part of the season is looming: the whitetail rut.

Scrape sites are great locations for inventorying bucks with trail cameras and even setting up a stand. And in recent years, more and more hunters have decided to leverage this innate whitetail ritual by creating “mock scrapes.”

Mock Scrapes

Bucks intuitively make scrapes below licking branches. However, today, many big buck seekers boost the process by cleaning the area and further scratching up the ground. Though scrapes are naturally attractive to bucks by sight and smell, many hunters add commercial deer urine in hopes of upping the odds.

I’ve tried many of them with mixed success. However, in 2017, Texas Raised Hunting Products (TRHP) introduced a one-two punch that, through science, can turn mock scrapes into literal buck honey-holes.

Scrape King and Breeding Buck Preorbitol

Plain and simple, not all deer attractants are created equal. Like with all TRHP offerings, Scrape King and Breeding Buck Preorbital are each power-packed with generous amounts of the ingredients that count: authentic deer urine and pheromones. After all, deer behavior is all about communication and, on its own, urine has no communicable value. These scents are specifically extracted and designed to create communication with mature and dominant bucks. When used together, this ground and air attack provide all of the key components of a natural buck scrape.

Scrape King – includes a heaping mixture of real doe urine, deer passion-induced communication scent, 100% authentic deer gland oil, and pheromone-infused deer scent.

Scent can with pre-infused wicks for in-ground placement.

Controllable vents for scent dispersal.

Refreshable wicks (with Scrape King spray bottle).

Weather resilient and guaranteed not to freeze.

Scrape King Scent & Wick Can With (Wick Refresher)
Scrape King Scent & Wick Can With (Wick Refresher)

Breeding Buck Preorbital – This spray is for use on the licking branches above the scrape and includes a combination of quality extracted ingredients from dominant bucks.

Forehead, tear, and ear gland.

Ear wax.

Mouth and lip saliva.

For use on actual limbs and branches or scent wicks

Weather resilient and guaranteed not to freeze.

Breeding Buck Preorbital
Breeding Buck Preorbital

With Scrape King and Breeding Buck Preorbital, TRHP offers a mock scrape system that leaves a bold, natural mark for big area boss bucks. They’re easily refreshable and, most importantly, designed for real communication between deer.

I’ve had consistent success with both. In fact, I use them starting in the late preseason through the November rut. However, I’m only one of many hunters who have discovered its value.

“Over my many years afield pursuing whitetail deer from just below the tundra in Canada to the arid brushlands of Mexico, I have tried many different scents and lures – and have come to realize TRHP’s Scrape King and Breeding Buck Preorbital are two products that truly attract whitetails. To me, if you’re going to be a serious and dedicated hunter of white-tailed deer, these need to be part of your hunting kit,” said legendary whitetail authority Larry Weishuhn.

If your goal is to gain an edge in drawing the dominant bucks into your hunting area, consider utilizing TRHP’s Scrape King and Breeding Buck Preorbital. Used either separately or together — either way, they will add a jolt to your whitetail hunting game this season.

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