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The Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader Has Many Innovative Features

The Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader can provide you with hunting opportunities you never had before. These guns are the most sophisticated front-stuffers ever created. But it all comes at a price.

More Hunting At Longer Ranges

So, how can the Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader give you more hunting opportunities? First, regular season hunting tags in prime areas are hard to come by in many states, especially for non-residents. Tags for muzzleloading seasons in those areas are often much easier to get.

Second, hunting during a special muzzleloading season in addition to the regular firearms season extends your hunt. You can have more days afield. Most important, you’ll have more opportunities to fill your tag if you’re equipped with a muzzleloader that can reach out with precision at ranges unheard of with other muzzleloading rifles. That’s where the Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader enters the picture.

500-Yard Precision With This Muzzleloader

Did you ever imagine being able to make precision shots to 500 yards with a muzzleloader?

 It’s a combination of design factors that enable this gun to do just that. It’s taken about 10 years of research and development with lots of field testing by the Gunwerks team to accomplish it.

When you go to the Gunwerks website, you’ll see that you can build your custom muzzleloader from scratch with step-by-step options that are easy to select. The company has some in-stock muzzleloaders ready to go too.

One option for the Gunwerks muzzleloader is the .45 caliber sabotless bullet that provides better ballistics.

Gunwerks Muzzleloader Standout Features

So, how can you outfit your Gunwerks muzzleloader? You start with the caliber. Gunwerks has developed its Powerbel ELR .45-caliber sabotless bullet. It allows for higher velocity and better gas sealing with excellent ballistic coefficients for down range performance.

Are you anticipating lots of walking or climbing during your hunt? You can opt for a titanium action (right- or left-handed) instead of stainless steel to keep things light. You can choose their top trigger too with pulls ranging from 1 to 3.5 pounds.

The barrel will be 26 inches long. In keeping with the lightweight philosophy, you can choose the Gunwerks carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel.

Because this muzzleloader will use a sabotless round, you can add a muzzle brake. Gunwerks’ directional muzzle brake kicks up less dust and provides better recoil reduction when compared to most radial-style muzzle brakes.

The Gunwerks Magnus carbon fiber stock is available in your choice of camo color patterns. One option includes an adjustable recoil pad. You are able to choose the length of pull when ordering your muzzleloader too.

Other features include a two-piece ramrod and a storage compartment under the stock’s floorplate.

One lightweight option for the Gunwerks muzzleloader is the carbon-fiber wrapped barrel.
A directional muzzle brake reduces recoil and kicks up less dust.

Revic EXO Muzzleloader Sight System

You can mount a scope on your muzzleloader for the most precision at distance. Gunwerks offers its Revic scope for long-range precision work. But what about areas that prohibit magnified optics during their muzzleloading seasons? Gunwerks has addressed this too. The company has introduced the Revic EXO (Extreme O-Ring) muzzleloader sight system.

The new Revic Exo is the ultimate adjustable sight solution for extending your range on muzzleloaders and rifles without a magnified sight system.

Gunwerks took a traditional peep sight and added on a highly engineered, calibrated turret to raise and lower the sight much like a modern riflescope. With the addition of the turret and standard 1/4 MOA click values, they were able to build custom laser etched BDC yardage turrets to match your exact ballistics.

The new Revic EXO sight system brings scope-like adjustment capabilities to a peep sight system.

Too Good To Be True?

So, what’s the catch? For the fun of it, I went through the step-by-step process on the website to customize a muzzleloader the way I’d like it, including the new Revic EXO adjustable peep sight system. The hypothetical final price on my dream muzzleloader came out to $9,400. Ouch!

However, for those who are going to spend hundreds on non-resident hunting tags and perhaps thousands on a guide, maybe that’s not too much. If you use the muzzleloader for 20 years, that’s only $470 a year. For some, having that long-range capability and something to talk about around the campfire will be worth the price. For more information on the Gunwerks muzzleloaders, go to

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