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The New Taurus G3c Pistol: Gen 3 Upgrades In A Compact Size

The Taurus G3c pistol is the latest addition to the company’s third generation G-series of semi-auto handguns. Other companies have been quick to respond with holsters and after-market sights for this new gun.

The G3c is a polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge. The “c” in G3c labels it as a compact. Its 3.2-inch barrels allows it to have a slide as short as many sub-compacts. But its slightly longer frame allows for a full grip on the pistol and a 12-round magazine capacity. Think Glock 26 slide on a Glock 19 frame. Not exactly, but similar.

Taurus G3c: Nice Features, Smaller Package

Taurus introduced its G3 pistol last year. It was a logical progression that Taurus would offer this smaller G3c model with the concealed carry market in mind.

The pistol has a 3.2-inch barrel and weighs 22 ounces unloaded. Its alloy slide has serrations front and rear. It features a matte black Tenifer finish. The polymer frame has a contoured palm swell, highly textured grip panels and memory pads for repeatable finger placement.

G3c Has 12-Round Magazine Capacity

The pistol ships with either three 12-round magazines or three 10-round magazines. The mags feature contoured extended base plates with beveled grip guts should you have to rip the magazine from the gun in the event of a malfunction. The handgun will accept the 15- and 17-round magazines of the larger G3.

The G3c has steel fixed sights with the rear sight drift adjustable for windage. That rear sight is also serrated to reduce glare. The Taurus G3c pistol features a manual thumb safety, integral trigger safety and internal striker block safety.

The trigger of this third generation pistol has a flat trigger face to concentrate finger pressure on the front of the shoe for a straighter pull. Unlike many striker-fired pistols, the G3c provides a second-strike capability should a cartridge not fire on the first trigger pull.

The new Taurus G3c offers a more compact carry package than the original G3.

Holster Makers Offering Fits for the G3c

You won’t have trouble find a way to carry the Taurus G3c pistol. Such holster makers as Crossbreed and N8 Tactical have already announced holsters models for the new handgun. More are sure to follow quickly.

Crossbreed is known especially for their hybrid holsters combining Kydex holster pockets with leather backers. Among their holster fits for the G3c are their popular Reckoning, SuperTuck, Freedom Carry, DropSlide, SnapSlide and SuperSlide models. They offer a belly band that will accommodate this pistol too.

The Crossbreed SuperTuck Founders holster is just one model the company is offering for the G3c.

N8 Tactical is offering its OT2 holster for the Taurus G3c pistol. The OT2 is an inside-the-waistband holster with a leather form, suede backing and a moisture-proof neoprene core. It keeps the entire handgun and all hardware from contacting your body.

Want Night Sights For Your G3c?

Truglo and Rival Arms are the first to offer after-market sights for the Taurus G3c pistol. Truglo is offering its Tritium Pro night sights for this new handgun. 

Their Tritium Pro sights feature extremely bright tritium vials.

The forward-angled rear sight provides a hook  for one-handed slide operation. That rear sight  has a U-notch. A high visibility Focus Lock ring around the tritium vial on the front sight is available in your choice of either white or orange.

Rival Arms is offering several of its night sight models for the G3c too. Rival Arms sights are CNC-machined from billet stainless steel, hand inspected, and assembled in the United States using Swiss tritium vials.

Compatible tritium models include their 3-dot sights in both standard and suppressor height as well as their in-line, standard-height sights with either orange or white front sight ring.

The N8 Tactical OT2 holster keep the entire gun away from contact with your body.

Key Features: Taurus G3c

Caliber: 9mm Luger

Capacity: 10- or 12-round

Slide Finish: Tenifer matte black

Operational Controls Finish: Black teflon coating

Grip/Frame: Polymer

Firing System: Single action with restrike capability

Action Type: Striker

Safety: Manual, trigger safety, striker block

Sights Front: Fixed (white dot)

Sights Rear: Serrated drift adjustable

Slide Material: Alloy steel

Overall Length: 6.3″

Overall Width: 1.2″

Overall Height: 5.1″

Barrel Length: 3.2″ (stainless steel)

Weight: 22 oz. (unloaded with magazine)

Magazines Included: 3x10rounds or 3x12rounds

Other: Picatinny Rail (Mil-STD 1913)

MSRP: $305.74

Rival Arms is offering several of its tritium night sight models for the G3c.
Truglo is also offering many of its most popular sights for the G3c. Shown is the Tritium Pro.
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