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Uncharted Watercraft Packable Kayak

Scorpion FX Fold-able Kayak

Sirphis, LLC partnered with Uncharted Watercraft to bring Sirphis branded packable kayaks to the market. Uncharted Watercraft will offer Muddy Girl, Lifestyle Camo, and Pulse on both the Scorpion and Outbound models.

Uncharted Watercraft designed a packable kayak that makes it easy to transport and store. The Scorpion FX packs down to 43” x 29” x 12” and holds up to 250 pounds, and the Outbound GT packs down to 60” x 34” x 22” with a 500-pound capacity. Both kayaks can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes with no tools required.

Scorpion FX Kayak Dimensions
Scorpion FX Kayak Dimensions
Scorpion FX Kayak Muddy Girl
Scorpion FX Kayak Muddy Girl

Brooke Conklin, Vice President of Sirphis has tested the kayaks and loved them from the start. “The packable kayak works perfectly for my lifestyle. I can put it in the trunk or backseat of my car and transport it easily without using ratchet straps or a truck. We are so excited to grow this partnership and add our patterns to their kayaks. Our patterns lend well to the fishing world, so we see this partnership as a great asset to both companies.”

Greg Boston, Director of Sales and Marketing for Formex Manufacturing, Inc (owner of Uncharted Watercraft) states, “I believe that Uncharted’s one of kind design paired with Muddy Girl Camo can create a great blend for those who want something different. We look to launching a successful relationship.”

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