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Volquartsen Summit Straight Pull .22LR

The straight pull Volquartsen Summit bolt action is based on a concept initially developed by Primary Weapons Systems. However, Volquartsen has improved on the design and combined their rimfire making experience to produce a rifle that is at home in competition or hunting.

Straight Pull 22 LR

The Volquartsen Summit uses a biathlon-style action to make racking the bolt quick and quiet. You can pull the bolt back with just your index finger then close it with the same finger. Some shooters even use their thumb to close the bolt, and that lets them get their trigger finger in place so they can fire even faster. If you practice with the Summit action, you can work the bolt nearly as quickly as a semi-auto. 

The other major benefit of the Volquartsen Summit is that it is very quiet when shooting suppressed. Sure, any 22 LR bolt gun is quiet with a silencer, but they aren’t as fast to operate as the Summit, plus you have the accuracy that Volquartsen is known for.

The Volquartsen Summit action uses a Ruger 10/22 profile. So it can use 10/22 magazines and stocks that are designed for the 10/22. The Summit that I have came with a Magpul Hunter X-22 stock. Mounting a Crimson Trace CTA-2104 1-4x24mm scope with low rings required me to get a cheek riser to see through the optic correctly. 

For magazines, I use the Triple Kross 10/22 Magazine from TANDEMKROSS. It is a three 10/22 ten-round magazines connected in a triangle. They give you the reliability of the ten-round mag but with more ammo. 

Volquartsen Summit action
Volquartsen Summit action

The Volquartsen Summit comes with either a stainless barrel or their carbon fiber barrel. Both are excellent barrels, but the carbon fiber is lighter and looks cooler. The barrel is threaded 1/2×28, and I’m using the CSC Arms Evolution silencer. 

Lastly, the trigger on the Summit is excellent. Mine came in at 15oz and ruined all other 10/22 triggers for me. 

The accuracy of the Volquartsen Summit is excellent, as you would expect. Watch the video below to see for yourself. 

Trybe Defense Enhancer

If you watched the video, you also so I used the Trybe Defense Enhancer Scope Magnification Doubler. This attaches to the end of your scope and doubles the optical magnification of your scope. So my 1-4x scope became a 2-8x power scope. 

The Trybe Defense Enhancer has an alignment mark so you can make sure it returns to zero when you place it back on your scope. The quick attach part that stays on your scope is available for either 30 mm or 1 in objectives. Its not a bad little part to have if you are using a low power optic. 

TRYBE Defense Enhancer - Magnification Doubler w/Scope Mount

Key Features: Volquartsen Summit 22 LR

  • Magpul Stock – OD Green
  • 22 LR
  • 1/2 x 28 TPI Threads and Thread Protector
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Superlite Anodized Aluminum Receiver, Black
  • 1.75 lb trigger pull
  • $1,225 (varies by model)
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