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Walther Releases New Meister Series PPQ Pistols

Walther PPQ Meister

One of this author’s personal favorite handguns is the Walther PPQ M2. The great trigger, the excellent accuracy and the solid ergonmics make for a very attractive handgun. 

But one option that was missing, was that of an all staineless steel gun. Sure, the steel framed models came out last year, and the carry model is set to be released this year, but none of these models were all stainelss…until now.

Walther Meister Series

Spotless Offerings

While information on the new Meister Manufaktur is scarce at the moment, there are some tasty little morsels to tide us over until the guns are released. Check out the offical release below.

“The Meister Manufaktur program creates an exclusive line of hand-engraved, hand-finished pistols with newly developed coatings and finishes never seen before on a production line. Every Meister Manufaktur limited edition pistol promises respected Walther performance combined with hand-finished quality to exceptional detail.

The Meister Manufaktur program launches with four exceptional pistols built around the popular model. The Black Diamond, Black Tie, Patriot, and Arabesque models each have several uniquely defining features separating them from a standard production model. Highly skilled artisans have worked in concert with Walther engineers to fuse the very best aesthetic embellishments with performance upgrades and state-of-the-art surface treatments.

The Walther passion for pursuing excellence has been enhanced and baked into the DNA of the Meister Manufaktur program. Its ambition is to produce beautiful, soulful, performance leading products without parallel in the pistol market.

“Walther’s vision was to fuse form and function to create the ultimate experience for its customers. More beauty, more soul – yet totally usable. Why should something truly beautiful only be collected, and why should something built for performance not lead its class in good looks and artistry? Using our in-house engineering and technical skill fused with some of the world’s most celebrated craftsmen meant our imagination was the only limiting factor with the Meister Manufaktur program,” said Bernhard Knöbel, CEO, Carl Walther GmbH.”

This all sounds great, but there is one small downside to the new guns – their prices. The Master Manufaktur guns start at $2790 and go up to $4,449. Though in all fairness, all of these guns are one of a kind. Plus, all the engraving is done by hand. Availability hasn’t been determined yet, so visit for more info.

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