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Wildgame Innovations’ New Easy-To-Use Switch Trail Cameras

Wildgame Innovations has introduced its new Switch and Switch Lightsout trail cameras. These new models are designed for easy setup, allowing you to monitor game activity 24 hours a day without needing a degree in electronic engineering.

These Switch and Switch Lightsout trail cameras feature three switches that allow you to quickly toggle between the available settings. Simply select the capture mode, delay, setting and time zone and you’re ready to capture images.

Switch Trail Cams Capture High-Res Images

Both the Switch and Switch Lightsout trail cameras capture 12-megapixel high resolution images and 720p HD videos. And both models update the date and time automatically, even for daylight savings time.

Choose Between Switch And Switch Lightsout

The Switch trail camera makes use of 21 high-intensity black infrared LEDs, invisible to the naked eye. The Switch Lightsout model uses 36 of those invisible black infrared LEDs, plus an invisible infrared LED flash.

These trail cameras are contoured to take up less space. They run on eight AA batteries.  Each unit has up to 32mb of storage capability with an optional SD card. In video mode, the cameras capture 15 seconds of video. The cameras come with an adjustable tree strap. 


One of the advantages of the new Switch trail cameras is how easy it is to set them up.

The Switch has a 65-foot range. The Switch Lightsout has a 60-foot range. Each has a trigger speed of less than one second.

Use The App To Plot, Analyze Trail Cam Data

Another new product from Wildgame Innovations is the Huntsmart app. This app is free to download and can be used with any iOS or Android device. It pairs with any Wildgame Innovations trail camera.

The app’s Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM) system automatically organizes and analyzes the images or video your trail cameras capture. It plots the location of your cameras and provides weather data at those locations as well.

The app’s species recognition feature allows it to differentiate between game species such as turkey, coyote, elk, hog, deer, even buck or doe. It nullifies images without wildlife present.

With this app, you can categorize and store your images in a gallery by the image descriptions you can customize.

Wildgame Innovations free Huntsmart App can be used with any of their trail cams.

Switch Trail Cams Are Reasonably Priced

The suggested retail price of the Switch is $59.99. The suggested retail price of the Switch Lightsout is $69.99.

Wildgame Innovations is based in Grand Prairie, Texas. The company has been selling trail cameras for more than 20 years.

They also market Zerotrace electronic scent neutralizers, game and fish feeders, feed and scents. For more information, go to www.WildgameInnovations.com.

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